Where did homer meet michael jackson

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where did homer meet michael jackson

He met a character claiming to be Michael Jackson - when he was committed to a mental institution. The character sounded link Michael - but was a heavy-built. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, — June 25, ) was an In an early version of script, Homer decided to take Barney in for rehab, but whilst there . Michael Jackson as Leon Kompowsky Season 3 episodes. September 19, – August 27, In the episode, main character Homer Simpson is mistaken for a Being unfamiliar with the real Michael Jackson, Homer believes and quickly.

Margeupon hearing what has happened, comes to the institution and is able to convince Homer's doctors that he is not insane.

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Homer bids farewell to Michael, who reveals that he is in the mental institution voluntarily. Homer decides to let him stay in the family home.

He calls and tells Bart that he is bringing Michael to stay for a few days. Against Homer and Michael's wishes, Bart tells his friend Milhouse and soon all of Springfield turns up outside of the Simpson family 's home to see Michael. The level of excitement is deflated when Homer introduces Michael and they realize he is an impostor. The townspeople become angry at Bart and leave.

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At the same time, Lisa comes out of the house and is upset with Bart because he has yet again failed to acknowledge her birthday, because of his excitement over Michael Jackson's arrival.

After overhearing Lisa write in a letter that she is disowning Bart as a brother, the faux Michael convinces Bart to let him help. Together they write and perform a song for Lisa's birthday called "Happy Birthday Lisa". Lisa is thrilled and hugs her brother, saying that he has given her the best present ever.

He explains that he had been very angry for most of his life, but found some peace in talking in Jackson's voice because it made everyone around him happy.

Stark Raving Dad

Leon bids farewell to the Simpsons and walks off down the road, singing Lisa's birthday song to himself in his normal voice. Al Jean co-wrote the episode with Mike Reiss.

He also requested that there be a scene in which he and Bart wrote a song together [6] and asked that a joke about Prince be changed to one about Elvis Presley.

Kipp Lennon guest starred as Leon's singing voice. Hank Azaria provided Leon's normal speaking voice. According to Jean, Jackson would not commit to the episode until after a read-through of the script was done.

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Jean recalls that "no one said a word, we just sat there waiting". After "Stark Raving Dad", the producers decided that if a celebrity wished to guest star on the show, they had to be willing to be credited under their real name.

where did homer meet michael jackson

He therefore co-wrote the song " Do the Bartman ", which was released as a single around the same time that the episode was produced. He is promptly committed to a mental institution where he meets with a heavy-set, bald, yellow man, Leon Kompowskywho walks and talks like Michael Jackson.

where did homer meet michael jackson

Meanwhile, Bart forgets about Lisa 's birthday and tries to give her a gift. Full Story Lisa reminds Bart that her birthday is coming up and not to forget to get her a present.

where did homer meet michael jackson

Homer 's traditional white shirt turns pink in the wash thanks to Bart's red cap being mixed in with the shirtsand he is forced to face the ridicule of his co-workers by wearing pink to work.

He catches the attention of Mr.


Burns, who pegs him as "some kind of free-thinking anarchist", and orders him to be examined by Dr. After receiving a take-home psychological test from him, he has Bart fill it out for him, who does a rush-job by ticking all the boxes.

After handing it in, Homer is promptly judged to be insane and committed to a mental institution. There he is bunked with a large yellow man who claims he is Michael Jackson. These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and targeted advertising purposes. We use the following type of cookies: Analytics and performance cookies: Depending on your social media setting, the social media network will have record of this and may display your name or identifier in relation to this action.

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