You meet jaraxxus remix

Lord Jaraxxus/You face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion! | Know Your Meme

you meet jaraxxus remix

See this card on Hearthpwn . Lord Jaraxxus is best played when you have less than 15 Health so you regain some Health. The new ability to. Lord Jaraxxus Gender Male Race Man'ari eredar (Demon) Level? Heroic) Reaction Alliance Horde Affiliation Augari (Formerly) Burning Legion Location Crusaders' Coliseum Status Alive See You FACE Jaraxxus - MrVoletron remix. Taalem held his heavy crystalline hammer tightly, still wet with the blood of magnataur, jormungar, and wendigo. He lifted his hammer over his head, listening .

Once Jaraxxus is played, the warlock assumes a vastly improved position - with the possible exception of their Health.

you meet jaraxxus remix

The new Hero Power and weapon empower the warlock greatly, and will likely lead them to defeat their opponent within a short time. The main downside to playing Lord Jaraxxus - provided the warlock's Health is already below 15 - is the mana cost.

you meet jaraxxus remix

This prevents most other actions that round, giving the opponent the advantage. The increased power of Jaraxxus means that in most cases, the warlock will go on to win the game if their opponent does not defeat them in the space of a few rounds.

This generally leaves a short window in which the opponent has a reasonable chance of destroying the warlock before their victory is assured.

  • Lord Jaraxxus
  • You Face Jaraxxus remixed by Mr. Voletron

The state of the board is crucial when deciding the right time to play Jaraxxus. If the opponent has a selection of strong minions while the warlock has none, playing Jaraxxus may give them just the chance they need to finish the warlock off.

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However, if the board is empty or fairly evenly-balanced, the warlock need only hold their ground for a little while before Jaraxxus' powers lead them to victory.

Cards like Twisting Nether are ideal for play in combination with Lord Jaraxxus, allowing the warlock to even the odds before tipping them substantially in their own favour.

Jaraxxus is also generally less risky to play when the opponent's hand is small or empty. A common strategy with Handlock decks involves taking a lot of damage in order to summon Molten Giantsand then using Lord Jaraxxus to heal back to Note though that the maximum Health of your hero will be set to 15 once you replace it with Lord Jaraxxus, meaning that summoning Molten Giant will cost more mana when Jaraxxus is at 15 Health no cost reduction for Molten Giant than when a warlock is at 15 Health cost reduction of Heroic mode tactics man Edit The main difference between normal and Heroic mode is that the Nether Portals and Fel Volcanoes don't despawn.

Instead, they will continue to spawn adds until the portals themselves are killed. Jaraxxus himself has a very forgiving enrage timer, but the portals are quite difficult to kill quickly enough.

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That means all DPS should prioritize portals and immediately switch to them when they appear. The portals will always spawn off Jaraxxus's left shoulder at 8 o'clock, about 10 yards away from him. Tanks should position the boss such that the portals will spawn approximately in the center of the room so that all DPS can quickly target them. All melee except for Fel Fireball interrupters should preemptively move to where the portals will spawn about 5 seconds beforehand.

Once the portal is dead, melee can return to the boss.


If Jaraxxus is in the middle of casting Legion Flame or Incinerate Flesh on a raid member when it's time for a portal spawn, he may be turned at an odd angle and the portal might appear in an inconvenient spot. Everyone should be ready to dynamically adjust if this happens. Also, the timing of the Nether Power buff varies quite a bit and can cause a problem if its appearance overlaps with a portal spawn.

you meet jaraxxus remix

Mages should be prepared to spellsteal the buff up until the moment a portal appears, at which time they should prioritize killing the portal. The raid should aim to kill Nether Portals before more than one Mistress can spawn, and to kill Fel Volcanoes before more than three Infernals can emerge. It is particularly important to avoid having multiple Mistresses, as they have gained a nasty new ability called Mistress's Kiss.

The victim of this spell takes up to 14, shadow damage and is interrupted for eight seconds the next time he attempts to cast any spell with a cast time. The victim should cast a spell in a school he does not plan to use, so he is locked out of that school instead of his primary school.

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Players can avoid taking the damage while clearing the debuff if they cancel the spellcast before it goes off. Holy paladinswhose spells with cast times are all in the Holy school, are able to avoid getting interrupted by starting a cast and interrupting it right away Aura Mastery used on conjunction with Concentration Aura does not prevent the interrupt.

The infernals can also cause a few problems. They are difficult for the assigned tank to pick up, and their constant movement makes focus-fire on any given one problematic.