Discuss the relationship between positioning and differentiation

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discuss the relationship between positioning and differentiation

Strategies might be to target low priced buyers, position a product as high What Are the Demographics of the Target Market? . [Differentiated Marketing Strategy ] | Difference Between Differentiated Marketing Strategy and. Every car manufacturer has their cars available for the students to examine and sit in. Both students have an image in their mind of the type of. Product differentiation and positioning are key parts of a company's marketing In a competitive business world, companies should constantly examine their products and services to better serve customers. Relationships among the Three.

What worked and yielded profits last year may not work as well this year. Product differentiation and positioning are key parts of a company's marketing strategy and are necessary to keep ahead of competition.

They also require an innovative spirit coupled with careful analysis. Product Differentiation Product differentiation is the incorporation of attributes, such as quality or price, into a product to encourage the intended customers to perceive it as different and desirable.

Product Positioning and Differentiation Strategy

For example, if your company sells seat belts to automotive manufacturers, perhaps your unique value is never-fail, on-time delivery with no rejected belts. If other seat belt manufacturers are not meeting these desired goals, you will have a unique advantage against your competition, and will have differentiated your seat belts from those of your competitors. Product Positioning Positioning is how you provide your product or service brand identification as you go to market.

It is the next step after you have determined how to differentiate your product or service.

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  • Positioning & Differentiation Strategies of Marketing

In the seat belt example, the seat belt manufacturer can market itself on the premise that it does not miss delivery times and that its products are free of flaws. The product is positioned against those of competitors on the basis of timely delivery and excellence in manufacturing. All of the seat belt manufacturer's major marketing efforts should emphasize this positioning in the marketplace.

Positioning Statement A positioning statement is a short sentence or phrase that conveys the essence of the differentiation and positioning strategies and is developed after these have been set. Price is always a consideration for the consumer, but how sensitive is it, really? A product can be low-priced, but the customer still needs to believe that he is receiving good value for his money. Many car buyers are highly sensitive to prices. Manufacturers try to accommodate the price shopper by offering cars with smaller engines and fabric upholstery instead of leather.

Automobile drivers are aggressive hunters of the lowest price for gasoline. They will drive several miles just to save a few cents per gallon.

Difference Between Positioning and Differentiation

Will Buyers Pay Higher Prices? Consumers believe that if a product is expensive, that it must be of high quality and therefore is worth the listed price.

Yokogawa’s Differentiation and Market Positioning

In this situation, marketers focus their advertising on the product's superior features and how its performance exceeds that of the competition. Five Guys restaurants sell hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and milkshakes. Nothing new here, except they charge higher prices than McDonald's and Burger King. Five Guys has been able to position its food as being made from the highest quality products, and that Five Guys is worth the price it charges.

Difference Between Positioning and Differentiation | Positioning vs Differentiation

Consumers believe this strategy, and they stand in line to buy. Is the product sold in every Walmart and Target in the country? Or, can it only be found in a few selected shops?

discuss the relationship between positioning and differentiation

Take golf equipment, as an example. Manufacturers make sets of clubs especially for the big-box stores, but they also have other models of clubs that are only available in pro shops at golf courses. A set of clubs sold and fitted by the golf professional costs more than a set sold in Walmart.

discuss the relationship between positioning and differentiation