Netherlands relationship with the us

Netherlands - US Relations

netherlands relationship with the us

In the Middle East, the Dutch enjoy good relations with Israel and the Palestinians and would welcome a more active role; they quickly. The Dutch seafaring tradition brought the words `skipper,' `marine', 'hoist,' `yacht' and many others some by way of (British) English, some directly into American. Netherlands - US Relations. the Dutch, as a small nation, are prickly about their independence and do not want to appear subservient to any.

The steady stream of high-level U.

The relationship between the Netherlands and America - Memory of the Netherlands

The Dutch considered themselves valued partners of the U. The Dutch have their own ideas about the Americans. There is still an immense gratitude for the liberation in the Second World War and for the help to rebuild the country via the Marshall plan.

netherlands relationship with the us

But there is also criticism for the role the US played in South East Asia, for a consumption oriented materialistic culture. Then there is great admiration for what the US has achieved in music, in sports, in space, in movies. The assistance during the revolution received from France is very well known and commemorated on a number of US stamps.

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Eustatius, the island that was so important for supplies to the rebelling American colonies that it was nicknamed the Arsenal of the Revolution and that the English decided to take it during the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War of That a number of bankers from Amsterdam had early contacts with the American rebels and provided the necessary financial support is less known.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in renewed the American-Dutch military alliance of the 's.

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Holland, already at war with Germany and Italy, declared war on Japan within a few hours, even before the United States. During the following years, the fate of Holland was more closely linked to that of the U.

netherlands relationship with the us

Those years saw the beginning of the heavy investment by U. Politically, the relationship between the two countries found expression, inby Queen Wilhelmina addressing a joint session of Congress, while her daughter and successor Juliana had that same honor ten years later.

netherlands relationship with the us

The Netherlands had by then become such a solid ally of the U. But it is somewhat silly if such lists are made to boast that Holland deserves part of the credit for these men's deeds. After all, their ancestors left Holland and chose a new country.

netherlands relationship with the us

More vital in the relation between The Netherlands and the United States than common words or ancestries are common beliefs and shared interests.

Some say that there is something of the best of Holland in the best American institutions, and of that it can be justifiably proud. We find its spirit in a statement issued by the town of Leyden in the year At stake was an order from the central authorities to control and censure the printing of books.

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The town magistrates refused to comply, and used the occasion to express their belief in the sovereignty of the free individual.

Following up on this, back to the origins of the two countries, we find a striking parallel in the documents recording their births.

netherlands relationship with the us

Both countries won their independence one from Spain, the other from England by rebellion, and each thought it vital to put the essentially moral character of its rebellion into words.

When the Dutch abjured the Spanish king in the yearthey had the same 'legalistic' approach as the Americans later and they declared to the world: