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Root: flirty flirt mcflirter flirt Shaw: Food Root And Shaw, Oil Refinery,. Root And . Root & Shaw Person of Interest Root And Shaw, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker. Jan 7, On Tuesday night, CBS' Person of Interest -- as it is now almost expected TVLINE | Going back to the kiss: Did Root get a bit inside Shaw's head, some pretty intense flirtation between the two of them, and though Shaw is but now I can say is she better be brought back after her mat leave. Sep 2, “Person of Interest” is an unsung hero — the CBS sci-fi drama reigns among shows as the ex-doctor, ex-marine, ex-government assassin Sameen Shaw. which one could consider intimidating if Root wasn't so flirty about it. .. Time's Up Bracelets And Ribbons To Debut On Golden Globes Red Carpet.

ShadowKira A collection of one-shots for Root and Shaw. I know some people liked Matthew for his actor or even just because they wanted Shaw to get some but I don't know I didn't like his character.

So, this is me addressing that episode Also, warning for OC.

Normally I don't put them in but as I don't know the full members of Root's gang yet I just wanted to play around with the idea of jealousy as a theme. Shaw stiffened as she and Matthew continued their slow dance, his eyes boring into hers intensely.

He was on to her and she wasn't exactly sure what to say. Reese was lost somewhere, amongst the crowd. Last she knew, he was keeping an eye on Doug in case the hot dog connoisseur was the one putting their number in danger. She swallowed and prepared herself to try to answer when a gentle hand found its way to her forearm. Root smiled but shook her head, "Sadly no… I came as back up because I had to leak some sensitive information to figure out Vigilance's communication tactics.

Which are coded messages, by the way-" "What sensitive information?

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The taller woman was about to respond when balloons started to cascade down from above them. A loud gasp erupted from the alumni a minute later as a mannequin fell to the center of the dance floor. One of the men, closer to where it had fallen, rushed forward and rolled it over. There was a name tag pressed into the right side of the mannequin's chest that had the name Claire scrawled out across it.

Shaw turned, her eyes barely finding Matthew before he disappeared. She glanced back toward Root, her eyes flashing angrily. He hasn't moved an inch all night. The man seemed to know everyone present and had been talking to all of them since their arrival yesterday. Everyone is exactly the same, only fatter. And Phil… That guy, man, he put on a foot and grew a hundred pounds of muscle. Reese glanced toward the man, tall and bald.

He had been chatting casually with Doug but as soon as he'd noticed that he'd caught Reese's attention, his entire demeanor shifted. Reese mumbled out a quick 'thanks' before he started after the man when he suddenly abandoned Doug completely, heading through the crowd and toward one of the empty hallways. It would seem that our friend Phil might be an impostor. Why are they here? I thought Matthew didn't have anything to do with Vigilance or the Machine? Just keep on your toes, where there's one there's bound to be more.

And we've got another problem I'm running out of ammo! There were at least four men shooting at them and they were at a very bad disadvantage tucked toward the back of the lab, with no escape route. Shaw grit her teeth and prepared herself to rise and shoot off her last couple of rounds when her ear piece suddenly came to life. The shorter brunette rolled her eyes. I wanted to personally take care of them But I didn't trust you two with meeting new faces.

Her brown eyes searching his as she tried to loosen the grip he had on the collar of her shirt. He glanced toward Shaw as she approached them, looking warily between the two. But Finch had a point when he said she could have killed us all several times and she hasn't tried anything yet.

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I think we can trust her and whoever it is she's got working with her. He had his toy along with him but he plays the thing like a video game. And Alexis is easily as skilled as you or Shaw. Her eyes made their way slowly up Shaw's still bared legs, knowing it would be a while before the other woman was in a dress again. And I'm sure you'll want me there in case Harold has a boo-boo. It wasn't much later that Finch, Lionel and their escorts arrived. Daizo exited the vehicle first and excitedly ran up to Root.

He said something quickly to her in Japanese before wrapping her up in a tight hug. The brunette squeezed him, whispering something back before they broke apart. Shaw watched the two of them with an arched brow, almost missing the next new face to exit the vehicle. She guessed that this was Alexis, the woman had long black hair that was pulled back into a messy bun.

A few stray bangs hung in over her face and she had striking blue eyes that stood out against her dark hair and tanned skin. She was well built and about 5'6", dressed in black jeans and a grey jacket.

Shaw could already make out at least two weapons on her and she could only imagine that there was more hidden. The two exchanged a quick once over and after that, Alexis ignored her completely as she made her way over to Root. The Machine calls her to tell her to stop, and Root goes off on her own. The audience learns that Shaw is still alive at the end of episode 13, but the rest of the team remains ignorant. After a lengthy time on her own, she rejoins Finch and Reese, at one point nearly choking Martine to death when they run into her on a mission [25].

Ultimately she receives a call from Shaw saying she needs her help. Finch says it's a trap, and Root acknowledges it but is determined to go after Shaw anyway. The two trace the call to a psychiatric facility in New York and infiltrate the building, but it is soon revealed to be Samaritan's headquarters.

Root discovers the room Shaw had been staying in, including the blood-stained coat she had been wearing at the Stock Exchange, and catches sight of Shaw from the window being led into a van outside.

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Martine taunts Root about "her little girlfriend" telling Martine about Root's cochlear implant and threatens Finch. Root snaps Martine's neck and Samaritan threatens her and Finch's lives if the Machine does not reveal her location.

Shaw is last seen in the front passenger's seat of the van, being driven to an unknown location. Shaw first reappears to the audience in episode 4 as Samaritan's prisoner. Shaw's interactions with Samaritan and their simulations are shown in episodes 4, 6, 7, and 8. While initially Shaw appears to escape in episode four and reunite with Root and the rest of the teamit it ultimately shown to be a simulation meant to trick Shaw into telling Samaritan when the team and The Machine are located - something that she has failed to do at least 6, times.

This reaches Shaw just in time, and she begins to plan her escape. In episode 8, Shaw finally escapes from where Samaritan is holding her which is revealed to be in South Africashooting Lambert despite his efforts to convince her it is all a simulation.

As Shaw drives away, a news report on the radio refers to events the rest of the team was dealing with - confirming this it is in fact reality. I read your file, and I'm kind of a big fan. So, I really don't want to hurt you.

I just need the name. You really have no idea what you're caught up in, do you? Who you're actually working for. Did you honestly think the source of the numbers was Guantanamo?

Some sad taxi driver rotting away in a cage somewhere? I mean, you should know torture almost never produces good information. Sadly, we are on a bit of a clock. Wilson's men started looking for Veronica here three hours ago. Now, Aquino was hired to build a home for something very special.

Something I want to find. One of the things they left out of my file: I kind of enjoy this sort of thing. I'm so glad you said that. Root's phone rings Oh, and just when we were starting to really connect. Their first scene together. Shaw wakes up in a car with Root, ziptied to the steering wheel Root: The tasing, the drugging, or whatever this is? I had to make sure you'd hear me out. She needs our help and I figured you wouldn't come willingly.

The Machine's given me a mission, and step one is to team up with you. Besides, the Machine gives missions to Harold and the government. Relevant, irrelevant, why would it be talking to you? Because now there's a third category. And my relationship with the machine is a little As for trust issues, I'm happy to take the first step.

This is the part where you give me one good reason to believe anything you say. You took a road trip with your father to watch the Houston Oilers play the Philadelphia Eagles. He bought you a sweatshirt- Shaw: Don't talk about my father. It told you that? The Machine trusts me.

Even if you don't. You spent years working for the Machine, and she was never wrong. If you don't help me, someone might destroy her, and innocent people will die. Forget how you feel about me. How would you feel about that? I'll forget how I feel about you. But when this is over, you better hope I don't remember. Root recruits Shaw for a mission after tasing and drugging her. This is not something we should go about lightly.

It's the only way. There will be larger consequences if we make this decision. We need to be ready for that. John isn't gonna make it if he winds up in a crossfire between a bunch of feds and organized criminals in his current state.

I know this is our only option Ms. I just want to make sure we're prepared for what may happen. Shaw convinces Finch to let Root help the team.

And you and your australopithecine coworker can just take the day off. I've been doing just fine without a safety net. Look, the only reason you're not stuck in a cage right now is me.

Don't make me look bad. I couldn't make you look bad if I tried. Shaw keeps an eye on Root's activities. Thanks for being my travel buddy on these errands. It's not every day you get to beat up a militia group in Anchorage then hop a plane to Miami. So is this what you're doing from now on, you're chasing down bad guys? There's still too much work to be done. What kind of work?

I know a steak joint that serves a filet that's better than sex. Yummy as that sounds, you won't be joining me. She needs you somewhere else. Root leaves -Season 3, episode 20, Death Benefit. Root and Shaw on relevant mission for the Machine. Right where I'm supposed to be.

You found it, didn't you? Did you find Harold? She's worried about him. We're working on it, but Seriously, are you about to kamikaze into a Decima fortress with a bunch of nerds? Didn't know you cared, Shaw.

And it's just me now.