Relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

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relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

The Natural Areas mission is to preserve, protect, and restore the natural Natural Areas are ideal locations for nature programs & wildlife observation, outdoor recreation activities, and research projects. Natural Invasive plant control and eradication; Inventory of plants, animals, and natural features. Helpful Web Links. Living in Nashville · Animals & Pets · Driving · Get Involved · Health . To provide quality environmental education and responsible recreation. and groups; a resource for organic gardening and native plant landscaping labs, outdoor recreation programs and activities and events for people of all ages. . QUICK LINKS. Prior to the farm, Richie worked as a wildlife ecologist; his love for animals is We believe that when people eat natural, organic food, they can taste the difference. It's a beautiful destination for those looking for the convenience to Nashville, but Bloomsbury is host to numerous private and public events each year.

Nashville Zoo strives to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our guests as well as our animals, so we ask that you respect the following rules and regulations: No Smoking For the health of our guests, staff and animals, Nashville Zoo is a smoke-free environment.

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Visitors are required to extinguish all smoking materials, including e-cigarettes, before entering Zoo grounds. No Pets Pets present health, safety and quarantine issues and are not allowed on Zoo grounds, including the parking lot and inside parked cars.

The Grassmere Animal Hospital is a few blocks south of Nashville Zoo and offers kenneling during your visit. Trained service dogs are permitted. For more information about service dogs, please see our Accessibility page. Introducing outside food can cause illness to the animal.

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Respect the Animals Do not make loud sounds, bang on windows, throw objects into exhibits, harass or tease the animals. Anyone found doing any of the above will be asked to leave the Zoo. Stay on Paved, Public Pathways Rails, moats, rocks, fencing and other barriers between you and the animals are there to protect both you and the animals from harm.

Please do not lift children over rails, let them play on rocks, rest them on railings or stick fingers or arms through fences. Do not enter non-public areas. You are welcome to bring your own wheelchair, stroller or wagon. This growth was propelled to a considerable degree by the construction of hydroelectric dams and power plants by the federally owned Tennessee Valley Authority TVA and by World War II, which catalyzed industrial activity in virtually all areas. However, development of information and high-technology services has not been as rapid in Tennessee as it has been elsewhere in the region, despite the ongoing activities of the federal government in association with the TVA and the U.

The main crops are cotton, soybeans, hay, tobacco, corn maizeand small grains, but livestock nearly equals crops in terms of cash receipts. Hardwoods oak, maple, walnut, and others and softwoods pine and cedar are harvested in Tennessee for lumber, chips, pulp, and other wood products. The state is a national leader in the production of zinc, but copper, silver, lead, and other metals also are important.

Limestone quarry, Tennessee, U. Garard Tennessee draws most of its electricity from coal-fired plants, but nuclear power stations also are a significant source of energy. During World War II a nuclear reactor was developed at Oak Ridgenear Knoxville, for the purpose of producing material that could be used in an atomic bomb.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory remains an important institute for the research of military and nonmilitary uses for nuclear materials. Hydroelectric power is prevalent in the eastern part of the state. The TVA, established in to develop the resources of the Tennessee River valley, is among the largest electric-power-generating systems in the country. The major products manufactured in the state are computers and electronic equipment, transportation equipment, foods including beverages and tobaccochemicals, and metal products.

Health care services, also a major segment of the sector, have shown steady growth. The Tennessee River has a high level of barge traffic. In it was connected to the Tombigbee River to the south by the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterwaya canal that created a direct route from the state to the Gulf of Mexico.

relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

Railroads remain important, despite a general decline. A network of interstate highways and urban beltways facilitates travel between and around major cities. The state has dozens of public domestic airports. International air service is available from Nashville and Memphis; these two cities also serve as important regional transportation hubs.

The constitution was revised several times in the 20th century. The governor, chosen through statewide elections, is the chief executive and appoints the heads of major departments and important state commissions. Senators are elected to four-year terms, while representatives are elected for two years in office. The Senate elects its own speaker, who also serves as lieutenant governor. Amendments to the constitution must be approved by both the legislature and the citizens. Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville.

Directly below the Supreme Court are two appellate courts: The Supreme Court justices and the other appellate judges are apportioned among East, Middle, and West Tennessee, and they are elected by the people. The lowest level of the judiciary consists of chancery, circuit, and criminal courts, the judges for which are elected from within their respective counties of jurisdiction.

There also are juvenile and family courts. Local government follows the national pattern. School boards, either elected or appointed, administer the schools under the direction of county superintendents.

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Popularly elected sheriffs enforce the criminal laws, and elected officers collect the property taxes and record real-estate transfers.

The chief executive officers of the counties are the county executives. Types of city government include the council-manager, mayor-council, and commissioner systems. The city of Nashville and Davidson county constitute a single governmental unit, called Metropolitan Government, or Metro.

relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

The Department of Human Services offers a broad spectrum of nonmedical programs to citizens with disabilities, underprivileged children and families, and seniors. In addition to providing basic welfare services, the state facilitates foster care and adoption, licenses day-care centres, and oversees programs to prevent child abuse. Education A significant portion of every state tax dollar goes to public education.

The State Board of Education administers elementary and secondary education.

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Tennessee arose in the s as a leader in education reform through the implementation of its Better Schools program, which rewarded teachers for upgrading their credentials and for their performance in the classroom.

Since the late 20th century, there also has been increased emphasis on art, music, and physical education in the elementary schools and on math and science requirements at the secondary level. However, Tennessee schools have continued to suffer from poor overall funding, largely because of their dependency on revenues from only modest sales and property taxes. The University of Tennessee has campuses in Knoxville, Memphis the medical school and other schools related to health servicesMartin, and Chattanooga.

There are several regional public universities, among the oldest and most prominent of which are East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, the University of Memphisand Tennessee State in Nashville. There are more than a dozen community colleges and many technical institutes.

relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

Tennessee has long been known for its private colleges; of these, Vanderbilt and Fisk universities, both in Nashville, and the University of the South in Sewanee are perhaps the best known. Cultural life The geographic, economic, and social divisions of Tennessee are reflected in a regionalized culture from which have emerged many notable figures in the arts.

The white European pioneer tradition helped to shape the music, crafts, and legends of East Tennessee, while African Americans have been a formative cultural force in the western part of the state. Middle Tennesseans have nurtured a rich amalgam of religious, educational, and other institutions. The mountainous eastern region is home not only to an array of rural Appalachian musics rooted in Scotch-Irish tradition but also to popularized country music styles. East Tennessean Dolly Partonamong others, has been at the forefront of mountain and country music performance, and she has actively promoted Appalachian traditions in her popular Dollywood theme park at Pigeon Forge, in the Great Smoky Mountains.

West Tennessee has an especially salient musical history. Beale Street in Memphis emerged as a magnet in the early 20th century for distinguished African American musicians and singers, such as W.

relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

Handy an Alabaman by birthwho fostered the development of the blues ; the street remains a widely recognized hub of musical activity. In the s, at the studios of Sun Records in Memphis, Elvis Presley merged blues and country music to create a new musical genre that revolutionized American popular music— rock and roll.

The musical heritage of Middle Tennessee is no less illustrious than those of the eastern and western parts of the state. The Opry, now a full-fledged stage show that draws immense crowds, has been instrumental in propelling musicians such as long-time Tennessee resident Bill Monroethe creator of bluegrass music, to stardom.

Further enlivening the performing arts of Middle Tennessee and of the state as a whole have been the Tennessee Performing Arts Center opened and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum establishedwith a new building inboth in Nashville. In the s the so-called Fugitive poets, associated with Vanderbilt Universitygained international attention.

In the later 20th century, Alex Haley produced groundbreaking historical fiction and documentary works depicting the struggles of African Americans, while Shelby Foote was acclaimed particularly for his multivolume account of the American Civil War.

The Tennessee State Museum in Nashville exhibits contemporary and earlier art as well as historical artifacts that document the cultural richness and vitality of the state. In East Tennessee the Museum of Appalachia near Norris displays the life and material culture of the Appalachian people; the American Museum of Science and Energy at Oak Ridge chronicles the development and applications of atomic energy; and Rock City Gardens and the Tennessee Aquarium, both in Chattanooga, are popular attractions.

Sports and recreation Tennessee has consistently fielded several strong collegiate sports teams.

relationship between plants and animal events in nashville

Both the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University are members of the Southeastern Conference of collegiate sports.