Relationship between quality and marketing

relationship between quality and marketing

What is the Relationship Between Customer Service Quality and Market Share? Today's businesses are fiercely fighting to attract and keep. Abstract: The quality of life is defined by marketing specialists mainly through the relationship that exists between consumer satisfaction and the quality of the. J Am Coll Health. May;40(6) Relationship marketing and service quality. Delene LM(1). Author information: (1)Haworth College of Business.

What is the Relationship Between Customer Service Quality and Market Share?

Professor Spiros Gounaris of the University of Strathclyde illustrates this problem in more detail: This means attracting customers with a different set of needs and wants. Smaller companies and the smaller customer service teams they are likely to have, are going to be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to having the engagement, flexibility, investable capital and employment and training that is needed.

But there is another side to this story that adds a level of complexity. What all this illustrates is that it is not simply a case of a company being too big or too small to deliver good customer service, it is also important to realise that delivering good service can often set a company on a path to losing the quality of that service.

What is the Relationship Between Customer Service and Market Share?

So, should a company put a limit on growth or accept the argument that their customer service is necessarily going to have to suffer if they want to grow? What is the relationship between market share and the ability of a company to deliver good customer service? Too Small for Good Service? Good customer service requires a significant investment of resources and time.

Relationship marketing and service quality.

Unfortunately a lack of time and investable resources is exactly what makes a small company small. Customers are becoming more discerning, more informed and the expectations that they have for companies is changing.

Customers expect companies to have multi-channel customer service that is coherent.

relationship between quality and marketing

It can be difficult for a small company to simultaneously run a website, call centre, social media accounts and forums all at the same time in a coherent and effective way.

The problems that small companies have with customer service can act as a limiter to growth in a big way and really hold a business back. Trying to deliver quality customer service that turns people into committed advocates of your brand and your products, often leads to two main kinds of problems for smaller companies: Where to direct the limited resources that you have, to try and have the maximum impact?

How to ensure a high level of flexibility and adaptability within your processes, while also keeping a sense of coherence? The basic truth of customer service is that the majority of people still want to be able to communicate their questions or concerns to a real human being.

While the automation offered by IVR and other kinds of cloud call centre systems is useful for monitoring, delivering certain bits of limited information and allowing customers to direct themselves, the end goal for most people is still to get through to another human being.

Technology is a great way for smaller companies to begin to punch above their weight and effectively deal with larger customer numbers and bigger workloads.

relationship between quality and marketing

Cloud applications and storage are a great way to avoid hardware and security costs, while still maintaining a high level of capability for multi-channel customer interactions and social media that allows a company to do less with more. Other ways that small companies can improve their customer service is to make asking for a quick round of feedback a central element of their process, so that they can tweak and mould their customer service over time.

This is linked to the idea that it is ok to set expectations based on your size. Most customers will understand that it is simply not possible for you to operate a 24 hour customer support service or that it may take you a working day to reply to an email, as long as you inform them that this is the way things are beforehand.

You should find that smaller companies are most often given more of a chance than larger companies when it comes to customer service.

Too Large for Good Service? It is frequently the larger, more ubiquitous companies that attract the fire and fury of consumers. From the biggest airlines to telecommunications giantsthe trend seems to point towards organisations too big to realistically be able to treat their customers as anything others then numbers in their systems. It is perhaps an unavoidable truth that the larger a company gets and the more customers it has, the more removed it has to become from each individual one of those customers.

In many ways, the customer service challenges of larger company are the same as those of a smaller company but with the numbers raised dramatically; the question of how to direct a limited pool of resources in a way that is going to have the maximum impact.

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Exploring the Relationship between Local Market Structure and Digitized Customer Experience

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relationship between quality and marketing

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