Singles flirt up your life walkthrough for oblivion

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singles flirt up your life walkthrough for oblivion

For Singles: Flirt Up Your Life on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/ walkthrough). Unlock Maximum Money: Before editing files it is advisable to create a backup file . Use a text editor to edit the '' file found in the '/sin. Game Types 6. Game Controls 7. Character Stats 8. Household Tasks 9. Character Interactions Walkthrough Purchasing Items for the.

After closing the gate, the player enters Kvatch and takes it back from the Daedra with the assistance of surviving guardsmen. Martin has survived and the player persuades him to come to Weynon Priory. There, Martin is recognized as the emperor and is given command of the Blades. The player is optionally entered into their ranks and sets off in search of the amulet.

After gathering information, the player learns that the group responsible for Uriel Septim's assassination and the theft of the amulet are the Mythic Dawn, a cult dedicated to the worshiping of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. The cult believes Dagon is the true creator of the world and wish for him to "cleanse" it of all impurities. Killing the emperor and thus removing the barriers to Oblivion was the first step in realizing this idea.

The player attempts to infiltrate the secret meeting place of the cult in the hopes of retrieving the amulet. When the player does so, the cult's leader, Mankar Camoran, escapes through a portal, taking the amulet with him.

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The player takes the book that had opened the portal to Martin, who deduces a way to reopen the portal. The player seeks out three key artifacts necessary to recreate the portal: With all three retrieved, Martin reveals that a final ingredient is needed: Martin and Jauffre decide to allow the city of Bruma to be attacked by Daedra so that a Great Gate will be opened. Once it is, the player obtains the Stone and closes the Gate, also saving Bruma. After bypassing Daedra, Mythic Dawn members and obstacles, the player confronts Camoran and kills him.

The player returns the Amulet of Kings to Martin, and they subsequently travel to the Imperial City with the Blades to relight the Dragonfires and end the Daedric invasion. They find the city under attack by Daedra and an enormous avatar of Mehrunes Dagon himself. The player and Martin fight their way to the Temple of the One. There, Martin laments that they are powerless against Dagon's avatar and explains that they can only defeat him one way.

Sleep in a bed ideally after 16 hours of wakefulness to satisfy. It might be watching TV, or reading a good book. Find what's fun and chill. It takes 48 hours of game time for this need to go from full to empty 7. Raise by engaging in Friendship and Romantic conversations. Flirt, fondle, grope, kiss and bonk your way to happiness. Oblivion (Game of the Year Edition) -Xbox Bethesda Softworks Inc: Video Games

This need combines the erotic and sexual needs. The erotic needs go from full to zero in 48 hours of game time. The sexual needs go from full to zero in 96 hours of game time. Now who would inhabit a flat like this? You could get out the paint, drywall and a staple gun!

Or you could just buy stuff. This need will go towards 0 as the flat becomes messier. Keep up the cleaning schedule to raise this need. Purchasing more expensive items will also increase the degree of satifaction. It will increase from empty to full over the course of one week of game time.

It is lowered by performing various household chores, such as cleaning, washing dishes, vacuuming, and repairs. If it gets too low a trouble point will be earned. Ignore your roommate and they'll sulk. Chat, eat meals together and hang out to improve this. Romance In game description: Wine, dine, and speak the language of love to get bit by the lovebug. Sensuality In game description: Turn each other on for horizontal fun. Fun In game description: Spend time together and share people, share.

Get your Singles to play together and later they might play with each other. Trouble In game description: Keep this low by staying friendly and doing the chores. Get to ten points and you lose sucker. Extroverted people are loud, bouncy and chatty. Introverted people are the quiet lot.

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Find out what is fun for each one to win. The rate at which the friendship aspect of the relationship need changes is increased in character that are more extroverted. The more extroverted a person in the more the following activities affect them: Playful Singles are emotional, unconventional, and interested in arty things.

Serious people prefer facts to fantasies. Characters that are more playful experience faster changes to the fun and erotic sensuality need levels. Playful people are more greatly affected by these activities: Tidy people are conscientious, ambitious and self- disciplined. Messy people like to take it more easily and try to work as little as possible.

Tidy people are less likely to leave dirt behind and have their surrounding need more greatly affected by the presence of dirt. Friendly people are helpful, honest, and trusting. Frosties are suspicious, inconsiderate and confrontational. Friendly people experience faster changes to the romantic aspect of the relationship need.

Friendly people are more greatly affected by these activities: Neurotic characters are edgy, irrational, and sometimes get depressed. Centered people are quiet, balanced and keep a cool head at all times. Neurotic people get tired slightly slower, but have their hygiene levels for the body, hands, and mouth change more rapidly.

A skill point is earned for each level they advance. The career names for each level will vary between the different characters: The company's secret weapon 2: International secret agent 5: Mata Hari Lisa 1: Photographer for the local paper 3: Organizer of photo exhibitions 6: Star photographer Linda 1: Student of art 2: Municipal culture commissioner 4: Student of biochemistry 2: Post-graduate studying for a doctorate 3: Employee in a biotechnology company 4: Nobel Prize winner Andi 1: Civic action groups speaker 4: Party expert for environmental issues 5: Secretary of the Interior 6: Leader of a subsidiary company 5: Head of a security service Alex 1: Hooligan supervision specialist 5: Civil rights advocate Mike 1: Travelling hair-care salesman 2: Newspaper subscription salesman 3: Head of a marketing company Nicolas 1: Rock legend Bert 1: Head of a dot com company 6: Richest man in the world James 1: Student of fashion design 2: Lifestyle avant-gardist Shannon 1: North American champion 6: World champion 7.

Clueless In game description: As funny as a hungover math teacher during first period on Monday. Always forgets the punchline. Increased levels increase the rate at which the "Tell Joke" option satisfyings the Fun need and builds the Fun relationships.

Beginner In game description: Schoolboy humor and the odd fart joke. Competent In game description: Expert In game description: Could make the Mona Lisa grin. Increased levels decrease cleaning time. Has discovered stains, and can just about deal with smells. Gets the place tidy without needing a weekend to do it. Could pass mom's inspection if she came to visit. A cleaning lady on steroids. Increased levels decrease repair time.

Has learned not to put fingers in sockets. Yer Comfortable in tool shops and when faced by most domestic disasters.

Damn good with their hands. Scotty Can you fix it? Increased levels decrease cooking time and increase the satisfaction of the hunger need. Can't cook, can't cook. Can open cans and thats it Beginner: Sauce jar genius and one dish wonder.

A cooking course graduate. Quick 'n tasty meals. Increasing the level increase the rates at which the Romance needs are satisfied and the Romance relationship is increased. Roses are really expensive.

Has discovered greetings cards and candlelit dinners. Melts hearts and moistens tear ducts Expert: Birds suddenly appear and the moon is always full. Increasing the level increase the rates at which the Sensuality needs are satisfied and the Sensuality relationship is increased.

Couldn't get lucky in a brothel. Get your coat youve pulled. Knows the lines, gets results. Able to screw anything with a pulse.

Work regular hours for current career level. Under the thumb and hard working. Gets blamed for stuff other people do. Start work 1 hour later. Can ditch - working shorter hours without losing any cash. Start work 1 hour later and leave work 1 hour earlier.

Skips work, gets full pay nobody notices. Three are common to all characters: Not Wearing Anything Towel: Wearing a towel at such times as after a bath or shower Underwear: Wearing only undergarments Two other choices Swimwear and casual are divided by gender Males Swimwear: Jeans and T-shirt Females Swimwear: Summer dress The remaining choice, is unique for each character Andi: The business look Nicolas: Each character also dislikes one type of TV show and one type of Friendship conversation, these will be less effective at satifying needs and building relationships with this character.

The TV hate will decrease the fun need. The Friendship Hate will build the Friendship relationship at a slower rate. Required satisfication refered to in some of these activities is the average satification level of the different needs on a scale of 0 to 1. This comes at the cost of comfort, hand hygeine, and justice. This can only be done once a day. The hunger need is slightly satisfied while the hand hygiene is reduced.

singles flirt up your life walkthrough for oblivion

The character takes their breakfast to the kitchen table and eats it there. There must be a chair beside part of the table that isn't cluttered with dirty dishes. The hunger need is satisfied. Dirty dishes are left on the table. This comes an the cost of justice but will increase the hand hygiene. Left click on the table after a meal and select "Clean" to clean the table. This comes at the cost of justice. A minimun satisfaction of 0.

singles flirt up your life walkthrough for oblivion

There must be a clear space at the table by a chair for a character to eat a meal there. If both character are sitting at the table at the same time, they'll strike up a conversation that will boost their friendship need and relationship. A chair needs to be at an open spot at the kitchen table for a character to be able to eat a meal. Left click on the oven and select "Cook" to have the character prepare a meal. After the meal is prepared the character will take a meal to the kitchen table where they'll proceed to eat it.

The act of cooking comes at a cost to body hygiene and justice. If there is prepare food on the over, left click on it and select "Get Food" to have the character take a meal to the kitchen table where they'll proceed to eat it. This comes an the cost of justice. This improves the surrounding need at the cost of justice. Your character will then drink a cup of coffee giving them more energy but decreases the satisfaction of the body bladder need. If coffee has been brewed already, left click on the coffer maker and select "Drink Coffee" to have your character drink a cup of coffee giving them more energy but decreases the satisfaction of the body bladder need.

Left click on a telephone and select "Call for pizza" to order a pizza. You character will go down the stairwell to get the pizza and bring in back to the kitchen table where they'll proceed to "Eat pizza" satisfying the hunger need. This increases the photographers fun need satisfaction. This will increase their fun need while decreasing their energy. If both characters are dancing, the erotic sensuality need will be increased as well.

Left click on the stereo and select "Rock music" to switch the music to some techno style music. Left click on the stereo and select "Radio Singles" to switch the music to the Singles Soundtrack. If a character likes that type of program the increase to the need satisfaction will be greater. However, if the character hates that type of program the need satisfaction will decrease instead. The effects for the current programming will apply.

singles flirt up your life walkthrough for oblivion

Left click on the radio and select "Radio Singles" to switch the music to the Singles Soundtrack. Left click on the radio and select "Switch off" to turn music off. A chair needs to be in from of the computer on a desk in order to use the computer. Left click on the computer and select "Play game" to play a game increasing the fun need satisfaction level.

There must be a chair at the desk the computer is on to use it. Both characters will go to the kitchen table to "Play Game". Actually, before I got to the landscape there was the escape route from the cells.

The Emperor joined me for that bit, as fellow players will remember. But it was a little distracting until I sank back into the Oblivion experience. Kvatching up Also distracting were the DLC quest prompts which popped up on the screen throughout my escape.

I guess the closest in-universe explanation I could come up with was a bunch of ghosts working as flyer distributors for local retailers or as intermediaries for fraudsters. What happened instead is that I was struck by how sparse the world seemed.

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The next few hours continued to disintegrate the rosy veneer that memory applies to beloved games. I remember thinking of Cyrodiil as a vibrant world full of strange challenges when I first played. I still got flashes of that—particularly when catching sight of the stainedglass windows in various chapels—but generally the world had a slightly muddy colour palette, the faces looked horrible and the objects were that strange combination of indistinct textures and jagged edges.

Talking in circles Dialogue was generally entertainingly stilted and I do still have a peculiar soft spot for how unnatural and weird the speechcraft minigame is. I spent my first trip through an Oblivion gate jogging backwards in circles while flinging fireballs at various villains. That was a failsafe strategy for every single fight—lure the scary person to the circular room with the walkway round the edge and then jog backwards, launching a fireball when my mana was charged enough.