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the fan robert de niro ending a relationship

In the year that Robert De Niro won his first Academy Award (), was once in a long-term relationship with Scorsese) and looking at how. Last night (7 September), filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Interstellar) led a Q&A between Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Michael Mann, the trio. `The Fan,' directed by Tony Scott and starring Robert De Niro and Wesley Richie (Andrew J. Ferchland), with whom he has an unsettling relationship, and at .. original and the ending is weak -- but I thought the build-up of Gil's (De Niro ).

An angry, disturbed individual, Renard has reached a pivotal point in his life; for inspiration, he continually returns to the philosophies of the catcher from his playing days, Coop Charles Hallahanwhom he considers one of the finest athletes he ever knew.

And as his life continues to deteriorate, his obsessions begin to add further to the imbalance of his perceptions of reality, which finally lead him past a point of no return.

Scott's film, of course, has less to do with baseball than it does with how the game itself actually relates to life and the things that really matter.

the fan robert de niro ending a relationship

And it is just that unhealthy obsession that Scott examines in this film, that comparatively insignificant moment that in the obsessive mind becomes an episode of monumental importance that finally distorts any semblance of reality the individual may have left.

What's truly frightening is that upon close scrutiny, in Renard there is much with which many viewers will be able to relate in one way or another: The anger, the frustration and perhaps the inability to let go of that minute and a half, even when it threatens to become more than just a pleasant memory, but an unhealthy lifeline to another place and another time that, in reality, may never have existed in the first place.

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It's like a search for self-esteem by the has-been-who-never-was, who can neither realize nor accept it's elusiveness. You hit a sacrifice fly and it doesn't count against your average.

As Renard, De Niro gives an explosive performance that at first glance may seem to have a bit of Travis Bickle and Max Cady in it-- which in fact it does-- though upon closer inspection, Renard is a unique character. Those with a disturbed mind may have traits in common, as these characters De Niro has portrayed certainly do; but De Niro has successfully given each of them an individual personality, and when viewed side by side, the differences are readily apparent.

Bickle may be a sociopath, Cady a cold blooded killer; but Renard is a man who was just never able to get a handle on his life and has allowed his obsessions to dictate the choices he has made along the way.

the fan robert de niro ending a relationship

De Niro is simply a master of his craft, with the ability to make his characters so real that a performance like this one is often overlooked; this is Oscar worthy work for which he never received the acclaim he was due. His Renard is so like someone you would run into in your everyday life that in retrospect, it's scary. After feeling guilty about Primo's death, Rayburn starts playing well again. Gil is thinking that Rayburn does not acknowledge his fans much. Gil goes to Rayburn's beach house and saves Rayburn's son from drowning.

Gil persuades Rayburn to play a friendly game of catch on the beach.

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Rayburn says he stopped caring about the game after Primo's death, because he felt there were more important things in life. He makes the mistake of telling Gil that he has lost respect for the fans, remarking on their fickle nature — when he's hitting, they love him, but when he's not, they hate him.

the fan robert de niro ending a relationship

Gil's temper rises as he almost hits Rayburn with a fastball, and launches into a diatribe. Rayburn is slightly disturbed, especially when Gil takes off his jacket to reveal Rayburn's jersey underneath and wonders if Rayburn is happy that Primo's not around.

the fan robert de niro ending a relationship

Rayburn soon discovers that his son has been kidnapped by Gil. He finds a piece of Primo's branded shoulder in the freezer. Disillusioned with Rayburn's disrespect towards the fans, Gil spirals further into insanity. He acts as though Sean is his own son.

Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower Split After More Than 20 Years

He drives to see an old friend, Coop, a catcher that Gil spoke often of playing baseball with in his past. Coop tries to help Sean escape, and reveals that the only time he and Gil ever played together was in the Little League. Gil then beats Coop to death with a baseball bat, and takes Sean to a baseball field, hiding him there. He contacts Rayburn to make one demand: With the police on high alert, Gil enters Candlestick Park in the midst of an on-and-off thunderstorm. Rayburn struggles with his emotions while at bat.

After several pitches, he finally hits the ball deep into the outfield but not over the fence.