The relationship between managers and employees personality

the relationship between managers and employees personality

The relation characteristics of personality of managers working in Iran of managers, if the managers communicated more with employees and. Keywords: Employees, Job satisfaction, Managers, Personality trait They find out that burnout mediated the relationship between personality dimensions and. Abstract. The aim of this research was to study relationship between manager's types of personality and employees' effectiveness for Borujerd Educational.

Keywords Personality; Commitment; National company ; South oil Introduction Today, most managers agree that human resources are the most important capital [ 1 ]. Having committed employees aware of and loyal is the most important organization's success factor.

The priority of every company needs to attract and keep qualified staff is committed and the failure to achieve this means a loss of efficiency, lack of growth and the loss of business. Success in the competitive world belongs to the companies that are committed and loyal employees knowing selfgreatest asset [ 2 ].

The concept of commitment is at the psychological literature has been widely discussed. Organizational commitment is willing to continue working with an organization [ 3 ]. Organizational commitment has three dimensions, namely: Organizational commitment to the same extent that the implications, both individual and organizational cause.

Therefore, researchers and managers in order to promote this important variable and influenced by a variety of methods to test and explore a variety of factors to the success of the organization and consequently the development of society.

the relationship between managers and employees personality

Based on this thinking, the researcher in this study deals with one of the individual variables as the type of personality. In the 21st century, one of the most crucial issues in the study of organizational behavior influences the diversity of the workforce, such as personality, organizational performance [ 5 ]. Personality characteristics and processes that combine a set of relatively stable behavior in response to people, objects and ideas established in the environment [ 6 ].

Character has five dimensions that are extraversion, neuroticism or relationship between the diversity of the workforce, such as personality and in private businesses studied enough and documentary-making, especially in developed countries, but it is in the public sector, especially in developing countries, are is not considered appropriate [ 5 ]. Organizations tend to have a workforce with high commitment; the results suggest that organizational commitment to important outcomes such as reduced employee turnover, higher motivation and organizational citizenship behavior leads.

Role of Managers in Employee Relationship

A number of studies have shown that people with five characteristics compared to those higher goals set for themselves and to achieve their goals are more committed. Rasouli and eslami in their study entitled "The Relationship between personality traits and mental health staff job satisfaction and Army" with cross-sectional study was conducted among all commandos hillock, to the conclusion that the correlation between personality types and mental health as well as between job satisfaction and mental health existed.

the relationship between managers and employees personality

Personality type B and job satisfaction had a greater share in predicting mental health. Gerami and colleagues in a research study entitled "Comparison of personality characteristics of speed and overtaking unauthorized drivers with non-offending drivers in Tabriz," a descriptive science comparative method, concluded that between personality type drivers offending and non-offending there is a significant difference.

The results achieved show that between sensation seeking, seeking experience, diversity, adventure, boredom and lack of inhibition, there is a significant relationship between drivers and non-offending. Sadat Kazemi et al. Vndchgyny and Amin Roodposhti in a research study entitled "The relationship between gender and organizational commitment with respect to age," the executive Gilan with analytical and descriptive methods were found between gender and commitment organizational commitment and normative commitment, there is no significant relationship, but there relationship between gender and emotional commitment.

Similarly, effective listening and affective commitment, continuous norm and there is a positive significant relationship.

Research Methodology This study examines the relationship between personality types and explain the research that organizational commitment, today. Overall, this research method can be according to two criteria for the purpose of research and data collections are divided.

Segmentation based on objective, this research can be applied to both. The previous results indicated that the staffs who are satisfied with personality of the managers showed positive function and higher job satisfaction. The purpose of this research was to present the results of this study to top university managers to apply the required actions in the process of choosing and selecting managers and supervisors.

Sampling and procedure This is a descriptive causative-descriptive study type performed on all 58 managers and supervisors with employees of Mazandaran Medical Sciences University during First, the official permission obtained from Mazandaran Medical Sciences University Committee then all managers via the Cochran formula with subordinate employees were selected.

the relationship between managers and employees personality

The aim of study explained in-group sessions, and they asked to complete the questionnaires. Measure tools The data collection tools were divided into two parts: The results of several studies stated that these two questionnaires had required validity and reliability and normality had been done in Iran. Neo short form personality questionnaire NEO-FFI includes 60 items that are obtained based on the causal analysis of scores performed in This scale has 60 items.

In every item, the test taker scores between 0 and 4. Each of the items shows one of the big five personality traits of McCrae and Costa namely the N factor of neurosis, the E factor of extraversion, the O factor of openness to experience, the A factor of adaptability, and the C factor of dutifulness conscientiousness.

Each of the factors covers 12 criteria questions. Totally, the test taker obtains zero to 48 in each scale[ 12 ] Costa and McCra reported Cronbach's alpha coefficient between 0.

Cronbach's alpha obtained for neurosis 0. The instrument consists of 22 items that assesses the degree of burnout in terms of three subscales: Emotional exhaustion, feelings of being emotionally exhausted and lack of energy, depersonalization, and feelings of impersonal response toward recipients of the service and lack of personal accomplishment PAfeeling of incompetence exhaustion lack of PA.

Stability of this questionnaire was tested and calculated in many researches. For example, inAkbari et al. The analysis of the collected data done through SPSS, version It is important for everyone to understand that one goes to his organization to work and conflicts must be avoided as it is nothing but a mere waste of time. Employees must be comfortable with each other and work in unison towards a common goal.

An individual cannot remain tightlipped and work for infinite hours, he needs people around to talk to and discuss his ideas.

How To Beat Personality Tests In Job Interviews

One must have friends at the workplace whom he can trust well and share his secrets without the fear of them getting leaked. This way the employees feel motivated and enjoy going to office daily. They do not take frequent leaves and strive hard to live up to the expectations of the management. For an organization to perform well, it is important that the employees are friendly with each other and avoid criticism, backstabbing at work, a strong reason to spoil the relationship among the employees.

The team leader or the manager plays an important role in promoting healthy relation at workplace: It is essential that the supervisor assigns challenging tasks to his team member as per his specialization and interest.

Role of Managers in Employee Relationship

The individual should have interest in the work; otherwise he would treat it as a burden and unnecessarily crib about things. It is important that the team leader understands his team members well. Try to find out their interests and what all they expect from the organization. While developing their KRAs it is always better if the team leader calls everyone and invites suggestions from them. Let them decide what best they can perform. This way the employees would never blame each other or their superior later as they themselves have decided on the roles and responsibilities.

Encourage them to willingly accept the challenge.