Alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

Happy Birthday Alia Bhatt: 5 times the actress played a true icon in real life

alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

Varun Dhawan recently revealed that he never takes relationship advice from his co-star friend Alia Bhatt in an interview with a leading. Actor Varun Dhawan opens about his equation with fellow actor Alia Bhatt and their journeys so far. from Top Movies News- Newscom. Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt were rumoured to be dating at one Is that the reason why Varun doesn't want any relationship advice from her.

Kangana must be correct in her own experience. But the power of deciding who will be a success or not lies with the audience eventually. The topic made for great reading material incidentally.

alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

Arjun Kapoor, who was promoting his film, Half Girlfriend, has apologised multiple times in press conferences on behalf of the whole industry. For a star kid, a launch pad can be planned, mega commercials can be pumped in, and the whole marketing machinery can work overtime, but the destiny of an actor lies with the movie-goer. Our coverboy has seen hits after hits and he has a philosophical take on it.

alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

It is easy to create a perception. True success is in getting that satisfaction at the end of the day. Your heart has to feel content. Which is perhaps why I am turning into an insomniac! She is also very ambitious and has instilled the drive in me.

Mum wants me to go out and do well. And she prepares me for the worst.


He had yet again turned to his mom who told him that as a young influencer, he had the power to change the world, through the powerful medium of cinema.

His kind of cinema, though successful, is not exactly cerebral. But he believes in it. He feels that a message interwoven within commercial cinema can have a larger impact.

alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

Badrinath Ki Dulhania earns that pride of place for him. Hers is the vote of approval I seek for all my movies. She was the first one to see both Badlapur and Badrinath She gives me honest feedback. I have to say, before I go to anybody for advice on movies or even life, it is Jhanvi who I turn to.

Shashank basically removed the Varun out of me in this film. I have been dealing with comparisons with other actors since I started my career. This time, it's a good thing that I am my own barometer when it comes to comparisons with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania.

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt sizzle on Filmfare’s cover

I am not worried because the script and characters of this film is different. Humpty is an angel when compared to Badri. Honestly, it's not in my hands. Most love stories done by Dharma Productions are very urban.

Karan always jokes, saying 'Badri is Dharma's Rajshri film'.

List of Dharma Productions films - Wikipedia

This film is very different from Humpty. Most of the problems here are the typical Indian problems, which we face on a regular basis.

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Bollywood has been criticised for glorifying stalking. From the trailer, it seems Badrinath is in a similar space. What do you think? Our film has nothing to do with stalking and aggressiveness.

Actually, in a larger context, there is a message we are trying to give out via the film. I don't mind the criticism now, as it is something that deserves to be criticised. Our film has a take on stalking and there is an explanation in it. I would not like to give out the story now, but wait for the film. What people are criticising about now is what we do in the film as well.

You have worked with Alia before. What's your rapport like? She likes to make sure that everything is perfect. We had to re-shoot a scene because she wasn't happy with her performance.

‘I wouldn’t date Alia Bhatt, I’d marry her’ says Varun Dhawan !

We had shot it long back but when she saw it, she felt she could do better. And I agreed with her. She wants to make sure she puts her best foot forward. I'm happy that she is doing a film that I am in.

alia bhatt varun dhawan relationship counseling

If she is good, my film is good grins. We share a great relationship and a comfort level off-screen. It translates on screen. I would like to give credit to both of us, that we take our jobs seriously as actors.

We have worked hard and always rehearse with each other. You have become a bankable star. How do you look at your journey? My journey in films has been very good. There have been ups and downs.