Cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

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cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

Sep 1, What Cuddling Positions Say About You and Your Partner | Entity Mag you an insight into what you and your partner are like in a relationship. Sep 27, Your sleeping body language can say a lot about how you feel towards your partner without you directly saying so. Of course, there are some. Nov 15, The unintentional cuddler says they don't like cuddling, but they always [Read: 20 ingenious ways to keep your relationship fun and exciting].

The skin is our largest organ, comprising about 20 square feet of flesh. And touch is our first sense to develop, even before sight and hearing. It is also indirectly responsible for our existence. Skin-to-skin contact releases a hormone called oxytocin, which promotes happiness, contentment, compassion, and trust.

And your mother should know.

cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

Not only did oxytocin play a role in your creation, it also helped her bond quickly with you. The benefits of touch for babies are well-documented. Remember the rhesus monkey experiments? Scientists believed monkeys separated from their mothers at a young age would quickly adapt to a surrogate.

10 Cuddle Positions That Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Both surrogate mothers provided milk. The babies spent more time nuzzling the cloth surrogate and ran to it when they were afraid. The monkeys with the wire mother threw themselves on the floor, rocked themselves, mutilated themselves, and exhibited other signs of extreme stress. But oxytocin does even more for child development.

They also have lower heart rates and cry 82 percent less than babies in cribs. And babies who are often held and touched lovingly grow up to be less clingy, less aggressive, healthier, and more confident. Scientists have even found that they have larger brains than babies who are seldom touched.

What Cuddling Positions Say About You and Your Partner

An added benefit for adults: Oxytocin is a natural painkiller and anxiolytic. In addition to oxytocin, skin-to-skin contact also releases dopamine and seratonin, which regulate your mood and help relieve stress and anxiety.

cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

Low levels of dopamine are known to be a key player in addiction and risky behavior like thrill-seeking. Seratonin contributes to well-being and happiness and helps regulate sleep cycles. Low serotonin has been linked to depression. Touch also strengthens your immune system and lowers your blood pressure. So should everyone sign up for a cuddle session today? I can see the benefit, particularly for survivors of sexual assault, but it seems to me that while cuddle clinics clearly fulfill a need, they do little to address the problem.

What Cuddling Positions Say About You and Your Partner

I had an hour-long conversation with a guy yesterday who never looked up from his phone. You see couples in restaurants texting friends and sometimes each other. We are more connected — and disconnected — than ever. In the era of metoo, this becomes even more complicated. But I still crave — and enjoy — human affection.

It makes me feel needy and pathetic. But, if you find yourself doing this because you find it hard to deal with your partner directly, try to communicate and resolve issues before the two of you go to bed.

cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

Part of cultivating a stable relationship means getting in the habit of not letting problems hang over both of your heads until the next morning. Opposite sides If you and your partner typically like to sleep close to one another, the sudden change of sleeping on opposite sides of the bed may indicate that something is definitely hindering a happy relationship between you two.

cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

This could be either family or work-related stress affecting you or a huge misunderstanding from not fully revealing important information that diminishes the trust. Instead of creating more distance, try to see things from both perspectives and carve out at least some mutual understanding. For some couples, sleeping on opposite sides may actually be beneficial to their relationship, though.

cuddling positions say about relationship cycles

This helps them feel more energized the next day and they will have less crankier interactions with one another. Attention-seeking If you and your partner are sleeping with nothing but your legs or feet touching, then it indicates your desire for an emotional or sexual connection. Have you been busier at work than usual? Are you spending more time with your friends lately? Do a little reflecting and talk to your partner about it.

  • You can’t buy love, but you can rent a cuddle buddy.

Headboard distance When people sleep closer to the headboard, it means they tend to feel more dominant and confident; whereas, those who prefer to sleep further away from it may have lower self esteem. Talk to your partner about your concerns. Remember that no relationship is perfect and that effort and work is required when cultivating anything special and worthwhile.

What Does Your Cuddle Position Say About Your Relationship?

What cuddle position do you use the most?