Ex machina scene ending a relationship

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ex machina scene ending a relationship

Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander revealed to us an ending scene removed from Alex Garland's Ex Machina with horrifying ramifications. Even with its flaws, last year's Ex Machina perfectly captured the curious relationship between Ava, the super-intelligence in Alex Garland's Ex Machinaend. There's the scene with the Jackson Pollock painting, where Nathan. That's why Ex Machina, the mind-bending new drama from novelist and Instead, the film is a twisted look at the relationship between child and parent, creation and creator. In every one of these scenes, Ava teases out a little more Elements of the film's ending might have been better off with slightly.

He eventually locates him, with Nathan drunk and in a petulant mood. Caleb meets with Ava again and she starts to flirt with him. There is a power cut and Ava suddenly warns Caleb not to trust Nathan.

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We soon learn that it is Ava who has been triggering these blackouts. That evening Nathan is abusive to Kyoko when she spills some wine on Caleb. As Caleb and Ava spend more time together, the two form a bond which peaks with Ava dressing herself in clothes to appear more human to Caleb. He is confused and excited by this, and tells Nathan that he thinks this is a trick, that Ava has been programmed to flirt with him.

An enraged Nathan shouts at Caleb and then shows him his lab where Ava was created, explaining to him how her mind operates and that he has been using his own software to map the faces, voices and habits of the world population to build a fully self-evolving brain.

One evening Nathan gets extremely drunk and Caleb escorts him to his room.

Artificial Intelligence: Gods, egos and Ex Machina

Caleb begins to suspect Nathan of being abusive. This is a visibly upsetting prospect for Caleb.

ex machina scene ending a relationship

Nathan gets very drunk and passes out. Kyoko pulls the skin from her face to reveal that she is also an AI.

Ex Machina scene. Ava leaves Caleb (to die)

Caleb leaves the room just in time to find Nathan stumbling around drunk. In his final meeting with Ava, Caleb encourages her to trigger a power cut and he reveals to her his plan to help her escape. He intends on getting Nathan drunk one last time and then locking him in his room. The problem for me is Ava doesn't meet or is even aware of Kyoko until 3and it's all due to Kyoko's own initiative. And then what does this leave for the first two points as Ava has no direct influence on her yet?

In fact very little happens featuring Kyoko post meeting Ava. It's meeting Ava then her next appearance is at the climax.

ex machina scene ending a relationship

Now on one hand, this may be where she learns the idea to stab humans, as she does to Nathan at the end. This also kind of happens in an earlier scene where Nathan is overlooking the feed and she's on the bed, apparently asleep, but her eyes open coincidentally on the word 'consciousness' being spoken.

But there it's a little more passive. In 2 she both would have had to put his keycard in the computer and potentially click the right icons or whatever.

ex machina scene ending a relationship

Granted she has probably seen Nathan do it a lot and perhaps more importantly because it suggests she can too she just saw Caleb do it. We already know she is an android I suspected since the dinner scene, most picked it up somewhere, at the latest by the dancing scene I would hope. Caleb likely already knows too though it's not explicitly said.

ex machina scene ending a relationship

Or she may not know he knows, so she reveals herself to him. But that still leaves the question of why, and I also don't think such a key scene just to in-your-face obviously tell you a plot point is in the style of this film.

Ex Machina, what is the role of Kyoko? [Heavy Spoilers] : movies

I don't have a solid theory, which is why I'm trying to bounce off ideas with this rambling post. One suspicion I have though: While everyone is distracted with that, Kyoko was developing a sort of empathy -- Ava had already developed her AI and was using it, and the movie and it's climax is still about Ava of course.

But Kyoko is the one that actively develops something really remarkable. To be clear this doesn't mean her AI was as "better" than Ava's it clearly was not as capable in many regards.