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five of wands relationship tarotforum

Detailed Card Imagery Description, Keywords & Analysis for the Five of Wands. friends, neighbours, college mates, work colleagues or troubled relationships. Holding a wand in the right hand and the horse's reins in the other, five other If you are looking for answers as to why you are struggling with a relationship or. A relationship break-up can be incredibly disappointing and hurtful. Five of Swords—The Five of Swords shows that battle has been fought.

What do they expect, she thinks before turning her attention back to the man, her new client, the next Big Thing. You have what they want. You have to be very careful now in what you do and say for they will attempt to misinterpret your words and actions at every opportunity. If there is anything in your past that you may be embarrassed about then you better tell us now for it is bound to be dug up and used against you. If we know in advance then we can arrange to gently release it with a positive spin or make sure it stays dead and buried.

I want to know of all commitments you made to people in your effort to arrive at this level. I want to know your Sponsors and we will have a legal team look over any contracts you have made so that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. The following weeks are going to be tough because you will be under a lot of pressure and there will be many demands on your time and energy.

You have been Crowned Champion, a wonderful title and position indeed. Many would give anything to be where you are now, but it does come with strings attached.

The eyes of the world will be on you now to see what you are going to do next. Your every move and word will be dissected and analysed. With your title and status comes a new responsibility.

Your strong fan base and followers, although loyal and riding high on your win at present, may get bored or disgruntled if you fail to show consistency or appreciation for their support. The Man has listened attentively if not frustratingly to her every word. This is not how it was meant to be. He realises now that The Battle of the Five was only the beginning of it. The Real Battle comes now.

five of wands relationship tarotforum

After listening to all his PR Person had to say he has understood quite quickly that if he does not assert his position as Leader of his World very soon, he will be in danger of losing control of all he has fought for. They, the people, the crowd, the sponsors and followers will take ownership of him and dictate the rest of his life. He now must fight to maintain his title.

How to Read Fives in Tarot

This was not part of his game plan so he will have to review how he proceeds from here. He may have to make a few changes if he wants to keep everyone happy and on his side. It is the only way he is going to get what he wants.

You need to seek the Higher Ground now and not give your competitors or enemies any ammunition to use against you. The public will respect you for that. However, you must now defend your position and stand up for what you have rightly earned. Once people see that you have tenacity and stamina and are prepared to put your money where your mouth is then you will earn their continued backing and cooperation. You will need to fulfil your obligations and deliver on any promises you made prior to your win unless we deem them irrelevant or impossible.

For a while the situation may get very tense and you may even feel that those closest have turned on you but this is all part of the settling down period.

Your position and status have changed and people are bound to make all kinds of presumptions about your motives and agendas. For a while no one will really know where they stand with you. She notices the Man still looks strained and uptight. She continues now in an attempt to rally him round with a little pep talk.

You are at the top now and if it is really what you want then you must believe in yourself and show them that you have no intentions of failing and that you are here to stay. Let them shake their Wands at you if they wish for it is all show and a lot of hot air. Do not show any fear at this stage or they will feed you to the hounds. Remember, you still stand high above them even if you have lost some ground with these recent developments. You just need to hang on in there and show them who is in charge.

I have worked hard and fought my way to the top. What they say in the papers about me is not true and I intend to clear my name.

five of wands relationship tarotforum

I am aware now that this is a dangerous and challenging time for me and that not everyone can be trusted. I could really mess up if I am not careful. I just want to move forward with my life and plans but I feel that all these Wands are blocking my progress at present. Until they are dealt with I shall stand my ground and fight my corner.

I know what I want and therefore I will battle for it. Already he feels stronger. The PR Person rises and gathers her notes and phone. Being at the top of the mountain is what everyone wants but mountains do have dangerous cliff faces and gushing waterfalls.

You need to be very sure-footed to navigate the territory if you are not to suffer a terrible fall or injury. You are young and strong and will get through this time. Make sure you keep your integrity intact and only fight the battles that are worth winning though. And with that she takes her leave of the Man, his PA following in her footsteps. Left on his own he goes to the window and stares down at the departing PR and PA.

The sun flashes against the windscreen of their cars as they drive out and the man stares up into the sky which is startlingly clear and blue. Taking a deep breath he releases it slowly and again, savours his win from yesterday. God, he thinks, if I can just hang on in there now and get through all the coming weeks of hysteria intact, then I can get going again with my plans. He acknowledges that he has a brilliant career and future ahead as he stares at the cloudless sky and finds a new resolve and determination.

He is armed with a long Wand. He appears to be gritting his teeth and looks tough and determined. Below him, Six Wands rise up in a threatening manner. We do not see the people who are brandishing these Wands but they may very possibly be the followers and supporters from the Six. If you look closely, you will notice that he wears one boot and one shoe.

This would suggest that he has many roles to play in his situation or perhaps he was caught unawares by the enemy at the gate and in his rush to dress, grabbed what he could find at the time.

The red tights suggest the passion he puts in to holding onto his ground or territory. The man does have an advantage over the other Six Wand brandishers for he has sought the higher ground position to fight from. However, his right foot is dangerously close to the cliff face while water cascades down the side of the mountain giving us an insight into the depths of emotion this situation is stirring. He may indeed be on shaky ground but must not back down.

He straddles the territory he has claimed to fight off his attackers. They still have a way to go before they can get to him but by the looks of it, he will be prepared to fight if any of them do manage to reach the summit. This is the Leader in the Six who rode triumphantly into town.

After the success of the Six now comes the challenge and effort to maintain his position. It takes a lot of focused concentration and he may feel pulled this way and that. In the Upright he maintains control and is well able for all the opposition.

His followers however, demand more and more of him or may have risen against him, led by the enemy. The Wands may also symbolise rivalry and competition for his position. The bright blue clear sky in the background suggests that if he can just hold his ground for long enough then he stands a very good chance of freeing himself from this trying situation.

He needs to take on one Wand at a time for if he attempts to rush the mob there is little chance of success. He needs to revise his game plan so that he has the upper hand. This is not a time for giving up or giving in.

There may be many who seek to take your position from you which can highlight strong rivalry or competition in your life. Fighting off stiff competition will either strengthen your resolve or leave you weakened and exhausted. You may be fighting to hold onto possession of something you consider rightfully yours.

five of wands relationship tarotforum

Others seek to take it from you or are hell-bent on destroying it. You cannot stand by and let this happen. You must come out fighting and with a game plan otherwise you may lose everything you have worked so hard for. You may have to act assertive and defiantly. Oppose all challenges and prepare to defend your territory. You may have to fire a warning shot to show those around you that you mean business.

The Seven of Wands can highlight the need to be on your guard at all times and having to watch your back. Could there already be a leader of the pack who hides among the group inciting rebellious behaviour? He may be the ring leader who leads his mob into such forays. This group might hunt in packs, appearing fierce and formidable when together, but when singled out or separated, are weak and insipid.

They might be all mouth and show, with little substance underneath. Arthur Edward Waite alludes to the scene being one of mimic warfare, again suggesting that it may look worse than it is, or that those who engage in this sham style of fighting mean no intentional harm.

5 of Wands in a relationship - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

It is simply the way of the world as one climbs to the top. The individual figures expect it to be so, and their opponents would deem it an unworthy fight if they did not have others to challenge them en-route.

Without a healthy battle, it could feel a hollow victory for these combatants. The message rings out loud and clear. Each Wand-bearing participant fears missing out on the action. It is best to be part of the game of life, rather than stand on the side lines.

For them, it is the way of the world. They have actively signed up to be part of the rat race of life, the daily commute, the cut throat competition for jobs, promotion, opportunity, gain, success, and of course, love.

No one wants to get left behind and are prepared to fight their way through. They hungrily seize upon every opportunity to partake in the games, a chance to make their mark or hit the spotlight. The five figures hold their individual Ace of Wands aloft, ready to put them to maximum use. The Wands ignite the fire in each one. The sham warfare depicted is not for the faint-hearted. Much courage and conviction is required to stay in the game and last the pace.

Each combatant must believe strongly in his chance of victory. Ask any top athlete or sportsperson and they will tell you there is no point entering the competition unless you intend to win. This self-belief must be present, regardless of any odds that are stacked against them. History has shown it is often the underdog, unseeded, or novice competitor that upsets the predictable order of play and medals. He can also upend the betting odds by outrunning or outdoing the favourites.

Therefore, only by entering the race, can one hold any realistic expectation of succeeding, or coming out on top. Competing also improves their game. If they work hard and doggedly keep at it, they have every bit a chance as the next to get the upper hand and gain superiority.

This is how it is done. If they keep throwing enough Wands at it, some are bound to hit their target. This is typical Wands behaviour, taking a chance, going for it, giving it their all. No one stands on the side-lines, looking dejected or conceding defeat. The combatants may be eventually beaten into the ground by other competitors, but they will have tried their best. If they must go down, it will be fighting. Who knows what the outcome of their endeavours will be. All look equally matched at this point.

In the imagery of the Five of Wands we get a sense of fair play. Each combatant gives as good as they get without causing any serious injury or harm. Although they individually seek supremacy and are at odds with each other, they do have a collective understanding of what is acceptable behaviour and what is not.

There are certain rules, both spoken and unspoken which all are expected to abide by if they are to retain the respect of each other and those who may be overseeing or observing the battle. We see all the Wands brandished high in the air. There are no below the waist, underhand, or sneaky manoeuvres attempted. They each want to win fair and square, with no dispute over the outcome. They totally disassociate from dirty tactics or play, and would be horrified to discover any of their opponents stooping so low.

They would be quickly called out should they do so. However, we would be terribly naive to assume they will not push the boundaries of this by seeking every opportunity to get ahead by disabling or disadvantaging their opponents. After all, that is the nature of competition. Of course, they do know where to draw the line with such behaviour, being careful not to break any golden rules that might result in a yellow or red card.

All is fair in love and war, but only within acceptable and agreed levels of contact. They do not set out with the intention of seeing any of their fellow competitors stretchered off the pitch. Accidents will happen regardless of good intentions, but they will be just that — accidents, with no malice or spite intended.

In this instance, we find malice and skulduggery aplenty as blows delivered by the Wands intentionally strike below the belt. They aim to inflict injury, or at the very least stop someone in their tracks. Fair play goes out the window as the game becomes dangerous and mean-spirited. Rivalry and jealousy dominate, with cut-throat competitors prepared to do anything to win.

A win is a win at the end of the day, the end justifies the means. They may be doubtful of their ability to win by just tactics, so are prepared to stoop low to gain unfair advantage.

Ruthless with ambition, they use their Wands to beat others off their path. They do not seek healthy competition, preferring a guarantee of success without honourably earning it. They are prepared to walk over every and anyone to get it, leaving footprints on the backs of those who play by the rules.

They are not interested in teaming up with others, or offering a helping hand to those who might be struggling to stay in the game.

five of wands relationship tarotforum

In this manner we see the closed approach of the Five as its world narrows down into a pinpoint, with a conceited, self-important, narcissist Wand at its epicenter. Looking at the imagery of this card from another perspective we might see the five figures as conflicting aspects within the self. The raging battle comes from within this time, and highlights internal struggle, conflicting feelings, attitudes and ideas that lead to agitation and confusion.

Monday Card: Five of Wands

The varying personality aspects battle each other to find order, or change the order of things, but opposing forces cause problematic challenges. They may seek change, but it might come at a cost. The change sought may not be compatible in all areas of their life. They may change the arrangement of these wands over and over to see how and where they might fit together. Change may be opposed by others who would rather maintain the status quo.

Looking at the Wand bearing figures we might also contemplate them as individual irritations, petty nuisances and trials that stand in the way of us going about our business.

It would be nice to walk across the clear field for once, unhindered and unburdened by the demands of daily living and those we are under obligation to. The figures may be seen as interruptions to our day, work, leisure, and quality time spent with partner or loved ones. They might represent the annoying customers, guests, and clients that get in the way of us doing our job.

If only they would go away and leave us alone. Everyone is demanding to be seen and dealt with first, each one assuming a sense of great importance and entitlement. One is expected to be here, there, and everywhere — all things to everyone — all at the same time. It is wearing to say the least, and leaves us disgruntled and ill-tempered with everyone. The participants could also be boisterous children, needy family members or demanding partners. Everyone wants a piece of you, now, this second.

No one is prepared to wait or give you space. Widespread demands could cause a dissipation of vital energy. When will it end? This level of exertion cannot be indefinitely sustained. However, we might find varying levels of contentment in this group. Some may enjoy such a frenetic lifestyle, unable to sit still, unwilling to miss out, while others feel they have no choice, all a constant challenge that drains their energy and resources.

What stimulates one, will wear another out. Variation is key here with Five bringing fluctuation, unpredictable and often incompatible arrangements. It might be hard to understand where each figure in the imagery stands in this manner.

The scene in the Five of Wands highlights petty squabbles, disagreements and in-house fighting which have a tendency to cause disruption and tension within a certain group or environment. An unsettled atmosphere is created, which like fire, is regularly stoked and refueled as the situation demands. This quarrelsome bunch could represent family, friends, neighbours, college mates, work colleagues or troubled relationships.

This scene could depict the normal everyday dynamics of the group, or a particular situation. Family members may be at loggerheads with each other, airing ancient grievances or dislikes. The group could divide and take sides, creating a situation of us against them. Disputes fail to get resolved as no one is prepared to back down on contentious issues.

5 of wands in relationships - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

This is the card of reaping the reward and enjoying the fruits of victory. This card stands for triumph, plain and simple. A horseback rider of neutral gender parades through a crowd of people. Holding a wand in the right hand and the horse's reins in the other, five other wands are held up by the onlookers under a cloudless blue sky. The horse rider's wand has a wreath attached to it. The horse is white and is covered in a parade cloak of bright color. The rider is looking away from us, toward the crowd and is wearing the laurel crown of victory.

five of wands relationship tarotforum

That the horse rider pictured in the Six of Wands is gender neutral indicates that the card is always concerning the person receiving the Tarot reading.

It is your victory, so savor it. The blue sky is one more indicator of the positive nature of this card. The bright colors all underscore that not only is pride and accomplishment on display, but that there is a joy to be had in it — a celebration.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions The location of the Six of Swords does not change its meaning, but it does let you know when this peak of pride in your life was, is or will be.

If the Six of Wands is in the past part of your Tarot reading, the foundation of your current situation is in the victories or moments of pride from some time ago. Perhaps you are seeking a Tarot reading because life is not so glamorous or meaningful as it once seemed.