Flirt blush in heartthrob

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flirt blush in heartthrob

so, does anyone know a drugstore blush that looks pretty much the same? Milani Luminous, L'Oreal Front Page Peach, Flirt Heartthrob, Cover Girl Rose Silk . OMG! These blushes are so amazing and everything about them is great! Im just so sad i cant find the blush colors i had from years ago! I have 3 and i love them. NARS Orgasm Blush. Ingredient List Comparison: Unfortunately, the ingredient listing for Flirt Heartthrob cannot be found online, or on the.

A large amount of shameless gasps are collected from Soul's fans too. And who are you going to spend it to? Soul swiftly sits besides Maka with a cool grin to Maka's annoyance. She raised it like a knife and smashed it to the albino-not-albino male with her infamous Maka-chop screech.

The class filled with various kind of laughs; snickers, snorts, giggles and chuckles. But there were also glares directed to Maka from Soul's fans.

Even Professor Stein laughed. The almost-man-hater just rolled her eyes at them as she pulled her magical summoning book to its hiding place. Because you really can't make me like this…" She looked at Soul with disgust. Finally the bell rang and stumbled bodies raced out of the door as Maka gathers her things before the unconscious shark man wakes up. She dashes out of the room and went straight outside to eat under the shade of the tree. She doesn't want to stay too long with Soul or it'll be too hard to leave his side.

She may be tempted to brush his silver bangs from his aristocratic face and may or may not earn him another Maka-chop for making her flustered without even doing anything. Maka sighed and massaged her temples.

flirt blush in heartthrob

She may continuously say mean things at him but it just seem that she can't get enough of his presence and if she'd stay she'll just think of how would it feel to intertwine their hands together… but as of now though, it would be nothing but closed doors because Maka Albarn doesn't like romance.

She doesn't DO romance.

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She opened her bento and starts to eat but in between her bites she noticed the bush shuffled for a minute. She squinted her eyes and saw a tiny shade of white. She growled under her breath and stood. She marched right up the bush expecting to find the silver haired red eyed man but she found no one. She tilted her head confused and shrugged but when she turned she was attacked with a surprise bear hug.

Maka yelped and automatically kneed him in the balls… but it didn't stop there. He was punched to the face. Her face's dark red that rivals a ripe tomato. I mean it's okay for you to like me back. It was just a hug, Maka. Even Black Star gives you those and you never blushed. Soul's grin became wider. Soul snickered at the sight and uttered, "Cute. Maka panted as she skittered to the hallway finding any sign of the demon faced man's whereabouts.

She heard low chuckle and swiftly turned to find stray white hair poking from the side of the wall. She jumped right into the space to face the man. The wild cat found me. Maka grit her teeth and crossed her arms. While Soul look directly at Maka's shining evergreen eyes, he pulls the stray blond hair from her face and tuck it behind her ear.

Maka was grounded on the spot and found herself hypnotised with the silver haired man's crimson orbs. A tiny tint of pink stained Soul's cheek while caressing the blonde's cheek subconsciously. She pushed Soul away while stepping back. Soul was left there standing and groaned. He collapsed to the grassy ground back flattened and sighed.

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Though that didn't stop Soul in doing something to get Maka's attention, but still it was no avail, the girl's focused hard on the white board and her notes. As school finally finished. Soul heaved a sigh of relief and raced to catch Maka "Fucking" Albarn because clearly, she doesn't want to talk to him at all.

He grip firmly at her arm and it doesn't seem he'll let go of her any minute now. Could you just leave me alone? Is she trying to seduce with that? Because if she is… fuck it's working. He could already hear Black Star's voice in his head saying, "You're totally whipped, bro! Maka opened her mouth and closed it again like a fish out of water. He can't help to chuckle and thus, he's pushed aside. Like you, I also got myself just a little bit of l-love that I wanna spend on.

She doesn't want to look like a fool being played by him. Other Products The line also contains products for the face including tinted moisturizer, foundation and concealer and Flirtatious! The base color looks the same when swatched. The only difference is the gold shimmer in Heartthrob.

I loved the sparkle and bright, peachy color of the blush. Exclusively from the editors at Total Beauty. Get the Buying Guide to see these top-rated products! Cosmetics with coupons, 45 reviews, discussions, and member photos and videos. Heart Throb is a salmon brown with a matte finish. This shade is best suited for fair skin tones.

flirt blush in heartthrob

About Makeup Geek Blushes Get cheeky! Soft and subtle to bright and bold, Makeup Geek Blushes blend effortlessly into the skin to add the perfect dose of radiance to your cheeks. Cosmetics Big Flirt Sheer and Shiny Lipgloss is a fun, cute product that is easy to use and perfect for just a tinge of color and shine. Cosmetics Big Flirt Sheer and Shiny Lipgloss will be available at Kohl's department stores nationwide and 1stmiledrivingacademy.

Flirt Peek-a-Blush Sheer Powder Cheek Color in Heartthrob

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