Gil grissom sara sidle relationship goals

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gil grissom sara sidle relationship goals

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Gil G., Sara S. She'd given herself a goal of eighteen months to convince Gil Grissom that he was in . of any and all relationships for years and not even Sara Sidle was going to. supervisor Gil Grissom, as well as romantic rival to CSI forensic scientist Sara Sidle. Through this marriage, Mills is entitled to the title of Heather Mills, Lady .. credits her parents for the encouragement they gave her to achieve that goal. schedius-csi: Sara's relationship with Mr. Right. csiaw day favorite character: gil grissom grissom says that people lie, so the only thing we can count on is the Relationship GoalsRelationshipsLas VegasThe GreatCrimeRomanceSeries De TvCooking Recipes Sara Sidle & Gilbert Grissom - A La Cart, GSR, 8x

A single smile from her caused his emotions to steal forth. A slight touch sent his pulse in overdrive and he dared not even think what might happen if he held her. Surely, he would self combust on the very spot. His blood boiled with fury when her attention was diverted to someone else, especially if it was a male. He never cared for the jealous emotions but it reared its ugly head every time Sara Sidle tossed a smile toward someone of the opposite sex.

He could have her if he wanted but he was not willing to pay the price for such a costly vixen. He knew she would most likely turn his world upside down and leave him a broken man. What she didn't know was that she'd gotten involved with a man that was already broken and very much emotionally unavailable. He'd thrown caution to the wind and made her a part of his team. Sara Sidle had given up her life in San Francisco for him. For the first time in his life, he felt he had a personal life…even if he kept those feelings to himself as he worked with her each day.

They had their moments. Some were soft while others were volatile. When her anger spiked, her words wounded, almost impaling his heart at times. I wish I couldn't feel. It would be later when he had replayed every word back in his brain over and over that he would understand the truth behind the words. She could be brutal at times but then so could he. It wasn't that he ignored her on purpose.

Sara Sidle & Gil Grissom - True Love.

He was usually trying to slow his heart rate. It seemed to react to the sound of her voice. It was melodic and methodic. It was intellectual and sexual. It was the person that drove him crazy at times. He wasn't quite sure how or why. Just his name from her lips and his hair stood on end. No one had ever affected him the way she did.

It wasn't comfortable and yet it was. It was confusing and yet simple. It was just the beginning and yet he felt it was the end of how he had lived his life.

He took solace each time she smiled her pearly whites in his direction and said one word, "Night. When she was near, he imagined what it would be like to have more than just the promise of a "good night" and "see you tomorrow.

Grissom and Sara

Her smile used to display warmth and encouragement but as the years slipped by it displayed nothing but sadness and loneliness that even an emotionally inept entomologist could feel.

She seemed troubled and he wondered if the job was getting to her. He knew she was getting to him. He'd commented more than once about her inability to sleep. He used to sleep better before Sara Sidle entered his life. He stood there waiting for her to step out of her vehicle but she didn't. Grissom glanced around before he walked toward her vehicle.

She quickly exited the car, grabbing her jacket. She offered a quick hello as she passed by him and headed into the lab without a backward glance. You've not spoken to her in weeks… Too preoccupied with the surgery… Catherine had discreetly blabbed to the others about the surgery and its success. Sara had been quiet while the others had asked and congratulated him on the success of the surgery.

gil grissom sara sidle relationship goals

He took her silence to mean that perhaps Sara finally understood what he'd been trying to tell her all along. He was too old for her.

She'd even taken a few days off while he was recuperating. He'd heard she had gone out of town. She'd returned looking a bit frazzled. Once she returned, he dismissed every chance she tried to talk with him in private. He'd been too angry at her reaction to the news of his surgery. That had been months ago and things had not improved but had gotten far worse. He stepped into the locker room, opening his locker and placing his jacket inside.

She was nowhere in sight. Grissom handed out assignments and boldly waited for her reaction when he announced she would be helping him.

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She picked up her tablet and left the room without a word. When they arrived on the scene, she waited for instruction. She was no longer the eager student. He nodded toward the bedroom.

She disappeared without another word. He scowled but began work himself. An hour passed and it was as if he were working solo. She worked efficiently and silently. He half hoped there would be an exchange of conversation. It was not like Sara to let an opportunity to pass and he wondered if finally she was giving up. He certainly hadn't given her an indication there would ever be a chance between them.

There appeared to be a silent ongoing war between the two. Neither knew when it began but perhaps now, he was beginning to see the end. Sara was giving up any notion of a relationship. Well, it was fine with him. He never wanted one in the first place.

The stakes were far too high and he did not need the hassle of the emotions that would entangle a relationship. He'd stayed clear of any and all relationships for years and not even Sara Sidle was going to break through his barriers.

His walls were higher that the Wall of China. Brass stepped into the house.

Grissom and Sara

By the look on his face, Grissom knew that something was wrong. Brass headed toward the room but Grissom stopped him. They share what is presumably a long stare with some tension in the air whether it be sexual or romantic or just confusing we don't know.

Sara soon and it's that she always over talks when around him. In Butterflied he begins to question his workaholic lifestyle and he suddenly realises when he missed out. Still he wasn't sure if it was worth the risk which he couldn't take thinking Sara didn't hear it but she did.

gil grissom sara sidle relationship goals

He tries to help her when she ends up on the other side of the law in Bloodlines Season Five Sara opens up about her past to Grissom in Nesting Dollswhich becomes the turning point of their relationship. Season Six In the sixth season finaleit is revealed that they are in a relationship, which stirred up great debate among fans.

The final scene of the episode showed Grissom reclining on a bed, talking about how he would prefer to die. He says he would rather die of cancer so he would have time to say goodbye to his loved ones. Sara comes out of the bathroom in a bathrobe, and says, "I'm not ready to say goodbye. However, in the season premiere episode co-worker Warrick Brown paid some note when Grissom delivered a veggie burger to Sara, who was working late on a case, but neglected to bring him dinner as well.

In the following episodeConrad Ecklie commented that "of course" Sara would agree with Grissom instead of him, which made Sara and Grissom worry for a moment that he might have caught on to the relationship. They are also still learning about one another.