Girlxgirl relationship quizzes

The Lesbian's Lust Quiz

girlxgirl relationship quizzes

Part 1 Quiz You can hold hands at any point in a relationship. . Even when you are in a relationship, you can always continue to ask her out on dates. Score. Feather Duster (GirlxGirl-One Shot)[Rated R]. By reversereverie K A short story about a rich woman and a slave girl. Talk Dirty To Me (Collection. This relationship quiz is all about how well you know your partner. After doing extensive research for over four decades with thousands of couples, we've found .

As the film progresses, the fabric of their relationship slowly unravels, showing it to be much more twisted and complex than initially revealed.

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All I know is everything is upholstered in red velvet, a Siamese cat is featured heavily, and there is a domestic argument about a custom-made human toilet chair. So basically, it is definitely worth watching. Tipping the Velvet Sarah Waters is the queen of lesbian period pieces. The BBC has adapted four of her novels into books, and three of them are on this list.

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Tipping the Velvet the title is a euphemism for cunnilingus is the Holy Grail of historical lesbian fiction. It is a sad, beautiful and hopeful story. I used to watch it all the time with my college girlfriend so now I have multiple reasons to cry about this movie.

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Her life is plain and slow until one night at the local theater, she sees Kitty Butler Keeley Hawesa female vaudeville artist who performs in drag. Obviously, they fall in love and run away to London, where much drama and wild underground gay activity commences. It is a really fascinating look at sexuality and gender at this point in history. My favorite sequence is when Nan lives in drag for a period of time while making money as a male sex worker badass.

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Purple Sea This Italian film is another interesting exploration of gender roles in the 19th century. Angela Valerie Solarino is a brash and outgoing woman living in a quiet seaside Italian village. After learning her childhood best friend Sara Isabella Ragonese is returning to their hometown, she becomes infatuated with her and makes no attempt to hide her love, expressing her adoration openly and often.

Eventually Sara accepts her own love for Angela, and the two decide to live their lives together. Beautiful aerial cliff side ocean shots capture the moody and solemn atmosphere of this film.

Agathe-Sidonie Seydoux is the official reader to Queen Marie Antoinette Diane Kruger during the last weeks leading up to her execution. She completely worships her Queen, staring at her longingly and remaining loyal to her, even till end. At the time it was rumored the two had a romantic and sexual relationship. In the mid 19th century, Lister lived in Yorkshire, England as a landowner, mountaineer, and industrialist who kept secret diaries written in code, detailing her various romantic affairs with women.

This production is incredibly well done and captures the overall badassness of this historical figure. Maxine Peake looks consistently fresh from the mountains, proudly handsome and angsty while wooing rural 19th century femmes using Lord Byron in between studying Greek and Latin, of course. Various bejeweled top hats and smart skirt suits are worn, which I demand someone on Etsy replicate for me. I just want to be Anne Lister, to be honest.

girlxgirl relationship quizzes

Madeley plays Margaret Prior, a woman grieving the recent loss of her father. Once a respected medium, Dawes was incarcerated after a woman drops dead at one of her spiritual services.

She insists upon her innocence, telling Margaret that one of the spirits she channeled committed the murder. A lot of broody, dark, prison atmosphere along with themes of rape, suicide, and mental illness make this one a little heavy, so approach with caution.

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The Hours Speaking of heavy stuff, The Hours is a great movie if you like feeling hopeless. Dalloway effects three women living in three distinct time periods. The three main actresses are a powerhouse combination. Chances are if you like Friends then you've probably shown it to your crush or partner, and made them watch all episodes with you all over again, or you've tried to but they just aren't having it.

girlxgirl relationship quizzes

Nonetheless, this ultimate cult classic TV show from the 90's makes for an awesome relationship quiz to test if you and your partner are more like Ross and Rachel, or Monica and Chandler. If you happen to be a classic TV show and sitcom buff, then this is the perfect quiz for you. After all, that old school love full of respect and care you see in the classic shows are nothing like the messy, dysfunctional love you see on TV shows today. Test your relationship and find out if you and your partner are more of a Lucy and Ricky type of love or are more like the Brady's.

From Gossip Girl to Arrow and The Vampire Diaries, find out which couple you are and see if your tendencies with your lover match those of the one you got from taking this quiz. By taking this quiz, you'll see if your dream of finding the Chuck to your Blair has finally come true.

Which Movie Couple Are You? Okay, so maybe you and your bae don't actually watch all that much TV. But you love watching movies together, spending hours trying to find and watch movies on Netflix, and often go on dates to see the new flicks in theaters. In that case, here's a relationship quiz for you. This quiz will reveal which of your fave movie couples you and your partner are most alike. Will you be Noah and Allie from The Notebook? Take the quiz and find out!

One of the most obvious things people think about when they're in a relationship is whether or not their partner will be able to please them, how good they are at sex, what they're willing to try, and your partner's knowledge when it comes to getting naughty in bed.

Also, what you like, and how well you know each other's sex language. Here are a few quizzes to help you figure that out. Will They Be Great in Bed? Every one thinks about this when they meet someone, and you can't deny it because that lust stage has you thinking about sex with them every minute, and the build up to it actually drives you insane. But before you embark on your next sex-capade, or before you get down and dirty with your partner, you can take this quiz and get an idea of how good they will be in bed based on how you feel around them, how they treat you, and the things they do.

Test your luck and see just how good things will be and if, based on your responses, it will match up with everything you've played out in your head.

How Kinky Are You Really? Maybe you don't need a quiz to tell you how kinky you are if you're an ultimate sex bomb, but maybe you're not so sure about your partner. Or maybe you do need to know, and you're looking to test out just how kinky you are, or can be.

girlxgirl relationship quizzes

This quiz will ask you questions about what you like from sex, what you do during sex, what your fantasy is, and give you an idea of how nasty you are. Or how much your partner is, if you provide them with this quiz to take. How you feel about a couple of staple sex positions, such as Doggy StyleCowgirlor Missionarywill reveal the type of person you are in bed.

Are you too pure to be dirty? Have a healthy balance? Willing to try new things? Outright wild in bed?

girlxgirl relationship quizzes

This quiz will tell you all you need to know and your partner will know, too, if you decide to share the results with them. Sex is not just two bodies slamming into each other, but a creative and intriguing experience that lets you get to know more about your partner while having fun and pleasing one another. Sometimes, though, when you're having sex with the same person all the time, you need refreshers and to try new things to keep it interesting.

If you're already well established in your relationship, and things are getting slow in the bedroom, or you need ideas on what to try next to keep the sex spark going, try taking this quiz.