How can you deepen your relationship with god

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how can you deepen your relationship with god

Before my relationship with God, I spent most of my life attending church, but I didn't know God for myself. Unfortunately, my life's choices. When you want to deepen your relationship with God, you need to move beyond simply knowing about Him and seek personal encounters with. People are designed to relate in the richest possible terms to the divine -- to God, The Universal Mind, The Big Picture, The Greater Good, the.

The more we make our lives about ourselves, the more unhappy we become. I believe that's a law of human life that none of us gets to break. It's all about our relationship to Mr.

How to Deepen Your Personal Relationship with God

Or Gender Neutral Big. Unfortunately, we're also designed to survive -- which, in large part, and certainly often in an immediate sense, means being all about ourselves. And there in a nutshell is the whole of the human dilemma: We are ever torn between selfishness and altruism, greed and benevolence, taking and giving, indulgence and balance, good and bad, darkness and light -- and on and on and on.

That's who we are. Well, for those times when you might be in the mood for a little Divine Interaction, may I suggest the following four E-Z things to do?

They're simple, but they work, and always have. In describing them I will use the ultra-generic term "God," so that at the very least I don't have to sprain my fingers typing.

how can you deepen your relationship with god

To put on the whole matter a more God has a lot of answers, but for that particular question, he really has an answer. And if you sincerely and deeply ask God what you should do in order to enrich your relationship with him, what you are certain to in one way or another very clearly hear him communicating back to you is that you would do very well indeed to begin incorporating into your daily life the following four things: Listening to God 3. Being humble before God 4. Trusting God Listening to God.

Listening to God doesn't mean you have to climb to the top of a mountain and lose yourself in prayerful bliss, or kneel in place of worship for six hours straight, or anything like that. It only means that every once in a while -- while you're cooking, cleaning, standing in line at the bank, walking your dog, whatever -- you should simply try to open yourself up to listening to the God which we Christians know as the Holy Spirit within you.

God is never not talking to you.

4 E-Z Ways to Deepen Your Relationship with God/The Big Spirit

Here are a few steps — in no particular order — that can help us draw closer to God. Over the years I've heard from many good people who want a closer relationship with God. But they're stymied by what they perceive as God's silence. What they often mean, without knowing it, is that they'd like God to do something dramatic in their lives; something with a hint of Mt. Sinai that proves his credentials. But God typically doesn't work that way.

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He's not in the theater business. God wants to be loved and even in a sense "courted" — which means that we can't be passive partners in the relationship.

We need to pursue God as we would the persons we love. So here are a few steps — in no particular order — that can help us draw closer to God. First, start by listening to him. Faith isn't a step action program. Nor is it an algebra problem that needs to be "solved. As with a spouse, the most important thing we can do is to be present and listen. This requires the investment of time and focus. If a spirit of impatience or pretending to listen doesn't work with your spouse, why would it work with God?

We can't listen when our world is filled with noise and toys. Lewis often said that noise is the music of hell.

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Our toys — those things we choose to distract us — keep us diverted from focusing on the main questions of life: Why are we here?

What does my life mean? Is there a God, and if so, who is he, and what does he ask of me? Humility is to the spirit what material poverty is to the senses: Humility is the beginning of sanity. We can't really see — much less love — anyone or anything else when the self is in the way.

When we finally, really believe in our own sinfulness and unimportance, many other things become possible: These virtues are the foundation stones of that other great Christian virtue: No justice is ever possible in a spider's web of mutual anger, recrimination and hurt pride.

Complete honesty is only possible for a humble person. The reason is simple. The most painful but important honesty is telling the truth to ourselves about our own motives and our own actions. The reason honesty is such a powerful magnet is because it's so rare. Modern life is too often built on the marketing of half-truths and lies about who we are and what we deserve. Many of the lies are well-intentioned and not even very harmful — but they're still lies. Scripture praises the honest woman and man because they're like clean air in a room full of smoke.

Honesty allows the mind to breathe and think clearly.

Ten ways to deepen our relationship with God

Fifth, seek to be holy. Holy does not mean nice or even good, although truly holy people are always good and often — though not always — nice. Holiness means "other than.

We need to choose and seek holiness. God's ways are not our ways. Holiness is the habit of seeking to conform all of our thoughts and actions to God's ways.

There's no cookie-cutter model of holiness, just as piety can't be reduced to one particular kind of prayer or posture. What's important is to love the world because God loves it and sent his Son to redeem it, but not to be captured by its habits and values, which are not godly.

Prayer is more than just that portion of the day when we advise God about what we need and what he should do. Real prayer is much closer to listening, and it's intimately tied to obedience. God certainly wants to hear what we need and love and fear, because these things are part of our daily lives, and he loves us.

But if we're doing the talking, we can't listen.

how can you deepen your relationship with god

Note too, that we can't really pray without humility. Because prayer requires us to lift up who we are and everything we experience and possess to God.