How to have a long happy relationship

The 10 Secrets of Happy Couples

how to have a long happy relationship

How to Have a Long and Happy Relationship. If you've been in relationships that did not last or if you are having trouble finding someone you want to pursue a. “What's your secret?” It's a question I don't hear much now — my wife and I have only been married for three years — but aspire to hear some. Five experts reveal the secrets to long-term love Here, our experts give their tips on how to have a happy relationship, from 'argument enders'.

If you don't have time, schedule the time to have sex with the partner, because when you have sex with a partner, you're driving up the testosterone system, so you're going to want to have more sex.

how to have a long happy relationship

But you also have all the cuddling, which is going to drive up the oxytocin system and give you feelings of attachment, and Do new stuff together. Can long-term relationships lose some of their spark?

how to have a long happy relationship

Of course, but you can fight boredom and complacency by stirring more novelty into your lives together. Take your bicycle instead of a car. Read to each other in bed. Sit together on the couch and have a discussion about something new. Read new books together.

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Novelty, novelty, novelty sustains feelings of intense romantic love. No, she's not referring to all-day text messages or frequent phone calls while you're traveling for work. She means it literally--touch each other. Walk arm in arm down the street.

how to have a long happy relationship

Put your foot on top of his or her foot while you're having dinner, gently of course. But stay in touch. That drives up the oxytocin system and can give you feelings of deep attachment to the partner," says Fisher.

Say nice things, daily.

how to have a long happy relationship

Like regular sex, when you write this one down, it seems pretty obvious. But in the fog of everyday life, it can be easy to forget this simple bit of relationship wisdom.

Five experts reveal the secrets to long-term love

Time spent together should be doing a shared activity, not just watching television. It is healthy to have some separate interests and activities and to come back to the relationship refreshed and ready to share your experiences.

Missing your partner helps remind you how important he or she is to you. Make the most of your differences. What most attracted you to your partner at the beginning? Take a fresh look at these differences.


Try to focus on their positive aspects and find an appreciation for those exact things that make the two of you different from one another. If both you and your partner stop trying to change each other, you will eliminate the source of most of your arguments. For instance, instead of complaining how your partner never cleans out the dishwasher, try just doing it yourself once in awhile without complaint.

how to have a long happy relationship

Your partner will likely notice your effort and make more of an effort themselves around the house. There may be issues upon which you cannot agree. Rather than expending wasted energy, agree to disagree, and attempt to compromise or to work around the issue.


Two people cannot spend years together without having legitimate areas of disagreement. Lack of communication is the number one reason even good relationships fail.

Five experts reveal the secrets to long-term love

And here is a useful format for doing so, especially when dealing with incendiary topics: When he or she is finished, summarize what you heard him or her say. This will take your partner off of the defensive, and make it easier for them to hear your thoughts and feelings. Better this than to have him or her doubt your honesty.

  • The 10 Secrets of Happy Couples

Mistrust is one of the key deal breakers in relationships. And once trust is lost or broken, it can take a very long time to re-establish it in the relationship.