Hrithik barbara relationship

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hrithik barbara relationship

Truly called the 'Greek God' of the industry, Hrithik Roshan, now an . Hrithik and Barbara probably took their reel-life relationship in real life as. However, reports of their rocky relationship started making headlines, especially after Hrithik was linked with his Kites co-star, Barbara Mori. Hrithik about life after the Barbara rumours, surviving the Kites debacle and her brother Kintaro, all through Kites shared a close and a very nice relationship.

No, I was already sick. I just ate the vegetarian food there and came back. Doctors, who did their tests, found that it was an allergic reaction to a Levofloxacin tablet that I took. I am not anyone to gauge or predict the graph of box office.

hrithik barbara relationship

All I know so far, the graph is exactly like Jodha Akbar. They are a few films which open like a Dhoom 2 or a Krrish and there are a few films like Jodha Akbar, where the appreciation keeps growing when one watches the film.

A major portion of the film was in English. Is that what kept the audiences away? In my 10 years I have not received this kind of applause.

I have not received this kind of feedback. People are giving me love without words. It is just a hug and the hug lasts for an entire minute and that just says soo much more.

Did you need a critically-acclaimed film after the Kites debacle?

Hrithik Roshan and his women: Kangana Ranaut wasn’t the only one

I only follow my instincts. I am a very bad businessman. What do you think went wrong with Kites? I think it was my attempt to break the language barrier. I think apart from that nothing else was the problem.

Did rumours about you and Barbara Mori affect you and your family?

The women in Hrithik's life

Well, if it did, then you would have seen an affected behavior. When it affects it is very apparent. Barbara, Sussanne and I, my father, her brother Kintaro, all through Kites shared a close and a very nice relationship. There is no distance there, if there was distance that would create awkwardness. So because of that there was no need to get affected. The only thing that happened was a lesson in disguise because those rumors and talks pushed me into playing Ethan.

My attempt to cut off from the world and get into that mind just became more driven, so I got that extra nudge and push from God, which is why my silence and which is why the media just went on and on. They started spending time together off sets as well.

Their scorching chemistry on- screen only fuelled these murmurs. In fact, Barbara once said, "He is a beautiful human being. He is sweet, a great actor and an even bigger heart. Any woman can fall in love with Hrithik Roshan. However, the former husband-and-wife duo squashed the rumours, and Sussanne said, "Rubbish.

But yes, Hrithik and I are very upset with the story of our so-called split.

Barbara Mori clear all controversy with Hrithik

Nobody can break my marriage with Hrithik. Our relationship is very strong. Hrithik and Kangana worked together in Kitesand later in Krrish 3 The rumours of their affair started doing the rounds after Krrish 3, and they were said to have come close during the shooting of the film. The rumours gained momentum after Hrithik separated from his wife Sussane Khan inand Kangana was said to be the reason.

The mess began in earlywhen there was speculation that Hrithik had ousted Kangana from Aashiqui 3. Asked about this, Kangana had said in an interview, "Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don't know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don't dig graves.

hrithik barbara relationship

Hrithik lost his cool, and sent her a legal notice. He also demanded that Kangana should apologise to him for "publicly defaming him". In Maya "close friend" of Kangana's, who refused to be named, spoke to Mumbai Mirror and bared all details of their relationship.

Following his divorce with Sussanne, the friend said that Hrithik brought a ring to Paris, and this was the proposal: But I have no doubts about our future happiness because you are the only person who has never judged me.

Barbara Mori the reason for the Roshans' split?

InKangana admitted that she and Hrithik were in a relationship, but Hrithik was afraid of coming clean to the public, as he was still married to Sussanne. He told her that he didn't want to marry her, back then, because he had a duty towards his family.

Kangana says that this was the reason why she didn't want to do Krrish 3.