Indonesia israel relationship with jordan

Overview of Israel-Jordan Cooperation

indonesia israel relationship with jordan

Netanyahu: We want 'excellent relations' with Indonesia Indonesian Christian pilgrims sing before a baptismal ceremony in Jordan river at the Yardenit. Indonesia–Jordan relations refers to bilateral relations between Jordan and Indonesia; both are Both nations saw each counterpart geopolitics potential, as Indonesia saw Jordan as their gate to enter Israel and Palestine, while Jordan also. Israel-Jordan Relations: Overview of Bilateral Cooperation .. increased tourism in Israel are Indonesia (, tourists), Malaysia (23,), Saudi Arabia (38).

In JanuaryForeign Minister Moshe Sharett sent a telegram to his counterpart, Muhammad Hatta, informing him that Israel had decided to grant Indonesia full recognition. The visit was set for Marchbut it never took place.

The secretary-general of the Indonesian Socialist Party visited Israel in July as the guest of Barkat, but it proved to be the last of such contacts. In Indonesia, the British-French attack prompted considerable anger toward Britain, France, and Israel and sympathy for Egypt, whose nationalization of the Suez Canal was supported by Indonesia.

On 2 November, the Indonesian parliament unanimously condemned the attacks on Egypt and recommended breaking diplomatic ties with Britain and France.

indonesia israel relationship with jordan

The exception was the Socialist Party, which, while wanting to maintain contacts with Israel, carried little weight. Indonesia fully engaged in the clamor for anti-Israeli declarations in the United Nations and other international forums.

By this time, however, support for the Arab cause and a disinclination to pursue formal relations with Israel had been broadly institutionalized in Indonesian foreign policy.


The Indonesian government continued to express sympathy for the Arab position and make the now standard criticisms of Israel in diplomatic forums. Indonesia, however, called for a more pragmatic and moderate approach by the Arabs, a stance that clearly contrasted with the majority of Arab nations at the time.

Indonesia And Israel: A Relationship In Waiting

Indonesia called for direct talks between Israel and its Arab neighbors to resolve the outstanding issues and suggested that the United Nations establish international supervision of Jerusalem to ensure freedom for all religions.

Indonesia took a somewhat neutral stand on the Camp David peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. In a pragmatic sense it seemed that, albeit passively, Indonesia supported the Egyptian-Israeli peace accord.

indonesia israel relationship with jordan

Indeed, press reports surfaced that in September Indonesia signed an agreement to buy twenty-eight Skyhawk aircraft and eleven helicopters from the Israeli air force surplus. Yet the door opened still wider when, in laterestrictions on Indonesian passports for visits to Israel were scrapped.

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In the late s, Suharto decided strategically to show a greater appreciation of Islamic matters and essentially co-opt Muslim groups into a more cooperative relationship. Nevertheless, some small but notable developments occurred: During their brief conversation, Peres said Israel was interested in establishing open diplomatic relations with Indonesia.

indonesia israel relationship with jordan

Under questioning by the Indonesian press, Alatas was forced to deny any knowledge of such meetings and downplay the importance of his own chance encounter with Peres. He added that if all the Arab states were to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, Indonesia would certainly do likewise.

A few days after the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu called King Abdullah and assured him that the Jordanian special status at the Temple Mount will not change due to recent developments. Both leaders called for an immediate cessation of late 's violence surrounding access to the Temple Mount. Following this meeting, US Secretary of State John Kerry met with the two leaders in Jordan and stated that everyone involved was interested in de-escalating the situation.

indonesia israel relationship with jordan

In response to violence at the Temple Mount, Jordan recalled their ambassador from Israel on Wednesday November 5,for the first time since Jordan and Israel established diplomatic relations in The streets of Jordan filled with protestors on November 6 and 7, calling for the government to scrap its peace deal with the Israelis in light of the recent tensions surrounding the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sheikh Hamam, the leader of the government opposition Muslim Brotherhood party called for the destruction of the Israeli embassy in Jordan "along with everyone in it".

Three months later, in early FebruaryJordanian officials announced that they would be sending their ambassador back to Israel, due to calmed tensions surrounding access to the Temple Mount. The Islamic State brutally murdered captured Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh by burning him alive in a cage in Januaryand released the video footage of the killing in February. Jordan responded with swift justice in the form of air strikes and other displays of their military capabilities, and Israeli officials used the opportunity to forge closer ties with Jordan.

Israeli security officials confirmed that Jordan would receive approximately 16 of the helicopters, primarilly to provide border security. These helicopters have been added to Jordan's fleet of 25 Cobra helicopters currently in service. In September Israel announced plans to construct a fence along the Israel-Jordan border, to combat the flow of refugees fleeing Syria and other neighboring countries. The project will be a joint industrial zone encompassing factories on the Jordanian side and a logistical and shipping complex on the Israeli side approximately six kilometers from the Jordan River crossing.

In addition to deepening economic collaboration between Israel and Jordan, this project is going to create thousands of job opportunities for residents. One hundred and seventy two Jordanians began work in Eilat hotels in Novemberstrengthening economic and tourism ties between the two countries. A cooperation agreement reached between Israel and Jordan in Juneafter three years of negotiations with 10 Israeli ministries, provided for the hiring of up to 1, Jordanians in the Israeli tourism industry who will then return to their homes across the border following their shifts.

Five hundred Jordanian workers were crossing the border to work in Eilat hotels by mid-Decemberand by mid it is expected that up to 1, Jordanians will be employed in the Israeli tourism industry.

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These workers treck two-hours to and from work each day, but higher pay and benefits in Israel compared to Jordan make it worthwhile. It was announced on April 6,that Israeli authorities would allow an additional Jordanians to cross the border daily and work at Israeli hotels in Eilat.

The trip was not publicized by either country, and news of the collaboration was only released following the conclusion of the visit. The treaty was closely linked with the efforts to create peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The signing ceremony occurred at the southern border crossing of Arabahand made Jordan only the second Arab country, after Egyptto normalize relations with Israel. In the two nations signed a trade treaty.

As part of the agreement, Israel assisted in establishing a modern medical center in Amman. Jordan River Crossing —present Inwhen the government of Jordan sought permission from international governments to produce nuclear fuel for use in Jordanian power plantsIsrael objected, citing the unstable political nature of the Middle East. In light of the Israeli objection the request for United States approval was denied. Economic relations Jordan has also benefited economically from the peace treaty.

As a result of the treaty, Qualified Industrial Zones were developed in Jordan.