Infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

A Mutiny in Time (Infinity Ring, #1) by James Dashner

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

At the very end of the book Dak and his new friends are perparing to save his parents from jail. They do this by Dak making a distraction for Riq. The Infinity Ring is a series of young adult science fiction adventure novels written by multiple A Mutiny in Time is the first book in the series. . had been visited by Dak's parents, the group rests up and waits for the siege of Baghdad to end. Gripping multimedia time-travel adventure series debut. Read Common Sense Media's Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents.

As with all The Infinity Ring books, they are up against the SQ and the Time Wardens, but also find allies in other Hystorians who are placed throughout history t In the year near the city of Baghdad, the trio of time traveling Hystorians, Dak, Sera, and Riq find themselves trying to 'fix' another break in history. As with all The Infinity Ring books, they are up against the SQ and the Time Wardens, but also find allies in other Hystorians who are placed throughout history to help them.

The Cave of Wonders is a magical place where Abi, their fellow Hystorian, has secretly squirreled away Aristotle's books. They have convinced the great leader, Hulagu to allow the learned mathematician, Tusi, to preserve these works for all eternity.

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

But, of course, the SQ is out to stop them from accomplishing the goal. After reading a couple in the series, I found that I didn't feel that it was necessary to read them in order particularly since they are mostly authored by different authors.

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This one follows the formula and presents some history and excitement in an entertaining manner for young readers. Entertaining enough for adults for the quick reads that is not painful and makes it a worthy alternative to videos and video games for long trips.

I was thrilled that Ste Steven has really taken to this series. I was thrilled that Steven asked on two occasions on our trip to and from Charleston to stop the video game and let's read "his chapter book" As soon as I began this story, I knew I had discovered a series that I would heartily recommend to my library students.

The writing is well-done, the story is exciting and adventurous Dak, Sera, and Riq find themselves in the middle of a storm when they arrive there. Dak is neglected by Sera and Riq so he goes to the observatory. Cave of Wonders Cave of Wonders is the fifth book in the series. It was written by Matthew J. They have just completed their mission at the Great Wall in Ming-dynasty China. They find out that they are at Baghdad on January 27, Suddenly, they see a caravan of camels and riders heading towards the city.

Dak explains how the city is on the Silk Roada major trade route. When the group comes to the Khurasan Gate, the entrance to the city, they see that guards are collecting tolls. The trio tries to hide within the crowd to avoid paying a toll. They lie to the guards that they are traveling with their parents, who are silk traders and who are expecting them.

The group enters a secret password on their SQuare[ clarification needed ] and views a pre-recorded video by Brint and Mari that explains that they have to save the writings of Aristotle from the House of Wisdoma library in the city. The writing are important in solving the Prime Break, the one that Aristotle discovered and eventually led to the establishment of the Hystorians.

Without the writings, the Prime Break cannot be fixed, and new breaks will happen, leading to the Cataclysm, or the apocalypse.

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Inhe messed up his family tree, which meant that he could cease to exist in the present. The group tries to find the local Hystorian and get new clothes to blend in, but overhears that the Mongolslead to Hulaguare only a few days from the city.

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

However, Dak, attempting to earn some money to purchase new clothes, tells a story about a time-traveling djinn to the citizens of the city. The Market Inspector[ clarification needed ] attempts to seize their money, but they escape due to a rug merchant called Farid. Finally, they find the House of Wisdom, which overlooks the Tigris River.

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They find their Hystorian contact, named Abi, and discuss the Break. The Mongols will sack Baghdad in two days, essentially turning it into a ghost town for hundreds of years. They also talk about Tusi, a scholar who Hulagu captured and took as his advisor. The next day, the four head to the caliph to convince him to surrender, or at least let them talk to Tusi about the House of Wisdom.

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However, when they talk to him, he refuses to save the House and raises suspicions that he is SQ. Dak, Riq, and Sera head to the Mongol war camp instead to try to talk to Hulagu.

However, Riq and Dak are captured, and Sera still cannot convince Tusi to save the writings. The grand vizier and Market Inspector are also SQ.

When Kan leaves, Riq and Dak escape, and reunite with Sera.

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

They use a boat to travel up the Tigris River and into Baghdad. However, they are promptly arrested, and discover that Abi was also arrested. Riq dislocates his shoulder in the escape, and almost blacks out from the pain.

However, Abi helps him. Next, they see an enormous tiger, and set a trap for the vizier.

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

This results in the vizier hanging on to a tapestry with a tiger below him. After the vizier hands over the Ring, and the pair saves him, he tries to steal it again. However, this time he is eaten alive by the tiger when he falls. Meanwhile, Sera tells Dak about seeing the Cataclysm. When Guo Kan opposes this, he is promptly detained.

Back at the House of Wisdom, Riq tells Abi how he messed up his own timeline and may not exist in the present day. However, Abi says that Riq is real to him, and praises how noble he is.

infinity ring book 1 ending a relationship

However, they manage to save at least the writings of Aristotle. After saying good-bye, Riq, Sera, and Dak warp to their next mission.

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