Levi eren relationship tips

Levi x Eren: 5 Reasons They are the Ultimate BL Couple

levi eren relationship tips

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Eren Y., Levi A. - Words: 3, . up and down his length before swirling his tongue around the tip. Within this particular guide, we're looking at the best gifts to give each NPC. Eren. Anti-Titan Manual Part 2; Perfect Replica Blades; Titan Training Levi. Ultimate Dust Rag; Silver Ring; Perfect Replica Blades; Black Tea. Levi and Eren's Relationship in Different Attack on Titan Manga Eren in his strange way although he doesn't show it in easily apparent ways.

Levi could feel Eren's manhood growing, threatening to burst free of the restraints of his trousers and it turned Levi on to know that he was having such an effect on Eren. He smiled wolfishly at Eren before starting to trail kisses from Eren's mouth, down his right-side cheek and neck, nipping just a little at Eren's neck as his Eren's hands started their own wayward travels across Levi's exposed chest.

levi eren relationship tips

Eren wriggled slightly on the cold floor, his hands tracing designs on Levi's chest and grazing his fingertips lightly across Levi's nipples. He could feel a growing need to get his pants off, his penis becoming harder by the minute as he watch Levi slowly trail his tongue around his nipple before sucking on it, hard. Eren arched his back as Levi swirled his tongue around his pert nipple and sucked hard on it again.

Eren could feel hands suddenly at his waist, one hand expertly unbuttoning his pants and the other gently massaging his dick through the fabric of his trousers and boxers.

Levi, when he was done sucking and teasing one nipple, slowly made a trail of kisses and licks over to Eren's other nipple to perform the same action. Levi could feel a growing sensation in his own pants as well as the were beginning to become uncomfortably tight in his excitement. Levi glanced up at Eren's face which was becoming more and more flushed by the moment.

levi eren relationship tips

He wanted to make sure that he did a thorough job of cleaning his dirty boy. Levi had just finally finished with Eren's pants and began to use both hands to shrug them down Eren's hips when he felt Eren start to gently pull him by the hair towards his face. Eren pulled Levi up and started to kiss Levi passionately, performing a full expedition into the far reaches of Levi's mouth as he wrapped his arms around Levi and rolled him over so that now he was straddling Levi.

He felt Levi stretch out beneath him, his back arching him up and into a deeper kiss as Eren started to unbutton and slide off Levi's pants. Once Eren had Levi's pants slipped down as far as he could push them with his hands without breaking the kiss he was sharing with Levi, he used his foot to pull the wet pants further down towards his ankles.

levi eren relationship tips

Eren traced lines from Levi's knees up to his hip bones and stomach before finishing one final kiss for Levi and began to leave a trail of kisses down Levi's stomach towards his groin. Eren could hear Levi breathing hurriedly, as if trying to keep calm, his face flushed with activity. Eren began to trace a line of kisses on both of Levi's hip bones towards his crotch before pausing for a moment to gaze at Levi's erection.

He glanced up at Levi for a moment before slowly and methodically licking up the shaft of his penis as if it were some giant lollipop. Levi grunted with pleasure and felt his hair stand on end as Eren torturously licked up and down his length before swirling his tongue around the tip.

Eren used one hand to move up and down along the shaft at the base of Levi's penis to prevent Levi from bucking too aggressively and choking him, while the other hand continued to trace lines up and down the length of Levi's body, occasionally twisting a nipple.

Levi gasped openly, rotating his hips in time with Eren's movements to maximize the changing of pressure inside of Eren's mouth. Levi tangled a hand into Eren's hair and began to slowly move Eren's head up and down as he began only to focus on the feeling of being devoured by the hot mouth below.

Levi shuddered and gasped with pleasure before Eren performed a final swirl over Levi's head and came up for air. Well then, I guess it's your turn to do me. And what makes you think that I want to give you head? With the right hand Levi smeared the spit on and around Eren's anus, gently massaging his pointer finger around Eren's entrance before sliding it inside a bit at a time.

Eren sighedrocking his hips back and forth slightly as he felt Levi's callused hand rub up and down his shaft and swirl around the head of his penis. All at the same time Levi finally got his pointer finger inside and he pulled it in and out in time with the movements he was making with his other hand. Levi felt Eren's hole loosen up and so he began to insert a second finger, making a scissor-like motion once both were inside to help stretch out Eren's entrance.

Levi added more spit to his right palm and used it to moisten up his own erection before guiding the head of his penis towards the entrance to Eren's anus.

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Levi rubbed his dick around the hole, gently pressing into it as Eren moaned softly into the floor. Levi had gotten the tip inside and began to rock his hips back and forth slowly as he pushed his way inside Eren.

Eren felt pressure build up inside of him as the sensation of Levi's dick slowly rocking back and forth inside of him began to take focus. When Levi managed to get the entirely of his length inside Eren both of them grunted with satisfaction. Eren placed his face on the floor, sticking his ass higher into the air which allowed for Levi to have greater access to Eren's prostate. With each thrust Eren moaned, getting louder and louder as Levi went faster.

Eren they'll hear you! Eren bit down on his lip to try and keep himself quiet and felt a twinge in his groin, signaling to him that he was getting close. Levi kissed Eren on the mouth, thrusting ever faster into him as he snaked his hand around Eren's dick and jerked his hand up and down to match his thrusting speed.

They were both panting into each other's mouths in between kisses as a bubble of ecstasy rose in their loins, quickly expanding with the fervor of their movements before with a final gasp from Eren they both came, Eren shooting a mess onto his chest and Levi's, and Levi shooting his own hot load into Eren.

They both paused for a moment, breath held as they rode out their moment of pleasure, before Levi collapsed heavily onto Eren's chest, smearing semen in between the both of them and breathing heavily. Eren was out of breath and tangled his fingers into Levi's hair and they both lay there on the cold wet floor, the sun streaming in on them through the open shutters, and sighed.

After several minutes Levi sat up slightly and looked at Eren, "You know, this sort of defeated the purpose of cleaning. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted. Instead AoT focuses on Eren and his friends. Definitely not what I expected. The expectation versus reality vibes were high in this anime. This is where the fun is at. People say that the weird side of Attack on Titan is in the fan base. I totally believe this too.

So yeah, the fans are the ones with red on their hands this time. I need an answer though. Why do fans ship Levi and Eren? I'd love if someone could answer this with fact and without any emotional connection. Aside from the fact that Levi and Eren are the center of attention with the fanbase, can I just take a moment to mention how confused I was when I watched the anime and there was no relationship between the characters that there was so much excitement around.

Like, where was the relationship. AoT was screwing me over. Error code toxic relationship not found. I'd percent confess that the fanbase slightly ruined my idea of what the anime would be like.

5 Reasons Why Levi x Eren are the Ultimate BL Couple

Well, the fans and everything AoT besides the anime, was made to look that way. In reality, when one watches the anime, they'll find that Levi is barely even in it.

They'll also find that there's no relationship or even flirtatious behavior hinting to them being in love.

If the animation studio is trying to keep them in the closet, they're doing a great job of it.


Does this all sound strange? It's not, because it's all in the anime. In the first season of the anime, the viewer isn't even introduced to Levi until basically halfway through. Like, I kept watching and I was pretty hyped to see Levi for the first time. The first time he was even seen, he basically said one sentence and that was that. My point will all of this is, how is Eren having a relationship with someone who barely exists in the anime even? Now onto greater issues. Not only is Levi a minor role in Attack on Titan, but he has barely anything in common with Eren.

For starters, no one cares about Levi in the anime because he's a jerk. I know he's not actually a jerk for all of you who just got a major case of being butthurt. I'm saying that Levi's character is more edgy and disciplined. Levi has too much common sense to date or fall in love with that nutcase Eren. I know love has no limits, but some could argue that Levi being at least 30 is a bit of an issue considering that Eren is much younger.

Overall I can only ever see Levi being a mentor for Eren and nothing more. They just don't have the lustful relationship that people think they have. If you're really curious to see the reality of Levi's relations to Eren made by the fanbase, picture a thirty year old man talking to a boy in highschool ab,out how much he loves him.

Though this is true, I tried giving things the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't seem to think about romantic relationships. Eren's mind is quite focused on killing titans. He's over here like "I wanna kill the titans!