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lowkey relationship goals tumblr

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When Darcy approached Elizabeth that second time after giving her as much of the actual world as he could, he promised to be silent on the subject forever if her feelings remained unchanged. He gave up even his own sense of entitlement for her!

lowkey relationship goals tumblr

And of course her feelings had changed because she believed in his ability to learn and grow. The L Word came out the year I realized I was gay. Your girl was thirsty for some gay content, and I think their intensity and false intimacy spoke to my newness.

It was a moment where Spencer was at the refrigerator, and Ashley came up behind her, brushed her hair aside and kissed her shoulder. It sent what felt like electricity through my entire body and while I had been bordering on sure since I was 12, and bordering on accepting it since I was 18, finally right there in my first real apartment as a 22 year old adultish human watching a show that aired in the US on TeenNick that I knew for sure that this was exactly what I wanted.

I was young, and my parents, who were pretty controlling about what media their daughters consumed, thought Fried Green Tomatoes was a good one. They were two strong people coming together to make each other even stronger.

They were also really direct with each other, which I found admirable.

lowkey relationship goals tumblr

There were valid reasons for their breakup, and I doubt I would still find their relationship as inspiring as an adult. As a pre-teen, though, Alanna and Liam were totally where it was at for me!

These two knuckleheads had such wildly different ways of looking at the world, but loved each other fiercely for it — yet could never figure out how to verbalize it to one another. Did they even have to? They just knew, and year-old Stef was deeply moved. Anyway, this is probably why I prefer silently pining after people instead of having fulfilling human relationships.

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They are the picture next to the definitions of Black love and power couple in my dictionary. The unwavering support and care they have for each other was the first thing that drew me in. The next was the fact that they never lost the playfulness and enjoyment of each other in their relationship. In the hardest public positions to hold with stress raining on them for 8 years, they still managed to make their love for each other last and hold it at the center of all they did.

That was Boy Meets World to me. No one could get between me and this show this is also because I was in love with Topanga.


Cory making these epic monologues to declare his love to the homie?? No one screamed louder than me and my sister. This is my all time favorite couple. FunnyJunk The Sims, as I say, is defined as a life simulator. Thebrushing and flossing teeth, balancing a checkbook, arguing with your S.

The Sims, however, presents us with more of a parody of modern life. You might want to do it a little more delicately than their buddies at school.

relationship goals on Tumblr

A lot of them will be lies, of course, which Little Jimmy might not be ready to hear quite yet. The easy solution to this issue?

lowkey relationship goals tumblr

Encourage your children to play The Sims. Forget storks delivering children to your door in little baskets, this is the real truth: That alone should be enough to tell you that this is a dangerous, dangerous game. Compelling is not the word, as alot of Sims fans know.

Relationship MeMes

This is dark, dark stuff. The thing is, The Sims essentially allows you to play god on a whim. You can encourage your Sims to be the best damn Sims they can be, and lead them to success in every aspect of their lives. You can also make them destitute failures with bladder problems.

That just leads to this sort of thing. Not only are these teeny people much more open to difference and inclusion, but our qualifications actually damn well count for something here.

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