Machine doll wa kizutsukanai ending a relationship

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machine doll wa kizutsukanai ending a relationship

Unbreakable Machine-Doll is a Japanese light novel series written by Reiji Kaitō and illustrated Kadokawa released a commercial which stated that the series will end after the release of the 16th volume. .. Back in the dorm, Raishin tells Yaya that his late parents had arranged for a marriage for him. That night, Raishin's. Read the topic about Ending Spoiler Please [Spoiler duh] on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai. >. Posts about Unbreakable Machine-Doll written by Kitania. high in the academy and end up involved around Raishin and Yaya whether they want to or not.

Curious, Raishin asks what the siblings were arguing about, but Frey replies vaguely, claiming that Loki despises her, and leaves. Sympathetically acknowledging her talent and hard work, he presents her a photograph of several canine Automatons.

Frey then enquires about a promise, and the man promises that if she carries out her duties and does her test well, she will be able to live with everyone again; his reply motivates her, prompting her to declare she is no longer doubtful. However, just before she can kill him, he tackles her. Frey takes advantage of Yaya's jealous reaction, by fooling the doll successfully that Raishin rejected her love, and thus she is able to escape.

Realizing the dog is malfunctioning and seeing how helpless Frey is, Raishin throws a stun grenade to knock the dog unconscious temporarily. Seeing Rabbi regains consciousness, Frey hugs him, apologizing and thanking Raishin. She then helps to dress Raishin's wound, remaining silent even though Raishin probes for more information.

Watching how crazed Yaya is in wanting to beat her up, Frey rides on Rabbi to escape. Worried, she begs him to tell him what happened to Raishin, also asking if the attack on Yaya was carried out by him.

Loki aggressively answers that that she could do nothing anyway if he attacked the doll. He adds on that their "Father" eliminated Raishin for intruding into the Orphanage. As Rabbi sniffs Raishin, Frey notes that he has the scents of her canine friends on him, prompting him to apologize for Yomi 's death.

In tears, Frey says as much as she wants to listen to his details, the Night Party is about to begin. As they depart their separate ways, she tearfully thanks Raishin, and explains that Yomi was never freed from her dark prison for years, thus she thought it would be fun to go out with Raishin when he freed her.

Ending Spoiler Please [Spoiler duh]

Bowing, she promises to talk with him more later, and leaves, while he is left anguished. Despite Loki's questioning, Frey refuses to back down, claiming she will fight because if she keeps hiding behind Loki, she will never protect anyone. Immediately, she transfers Mana to Rabbi and orders it to attack. However, Cherubim proves too strong for the dog, causing Frey to plead with it to hang on. Afraid for Rabbi's life, she hugs it tightly, and just as Cherubim attempt to strike them down, a force field emerges to protect them.

Realizing Rabbi is being uncontrollable, Frey tries to communicate with it, but she is suddenly covered in cuts. Horrified and in pain, she screams as Rabbi becomes more aggressive. Soon Sigmund figures that Frey is forcefully drawing Mana out of herself, and alerts Charlotte that if this continues, Frey will die.

machine doll wa kizutsukanai ending a relationship

Seeing that Rabbi is about to pounce onto Loki, Frey begs it to stop. Suddenly, something hits the dog, saving Loki in time. Weakened by her injuries, Frey collapses. Having arrived at the scene, Raishin promises to save both Frey and Loki, and as he props up his female schoolmate into a sitting position, she feebly tries to reach out for Loki and Rabbi. Without warning, she is held in a chokehold position by Raishin, and subsequently loses consciousness, in turn causing Rabbi to collapse and rupture.

Both Puppeteer and canine Automaton are then taken into the surgical theatres. A while later, Kimberley informs Raishin and Yaya that Frey's life is no longer in danger, while Shoko Karyusai tried her best to save Rabbi. She then explains that Frey's heart is incorporated into Rabbi's Magic Circuit, and essentially, Frey and Loki are artificially created Promised Children.

Meanwhile, Frey continues to rest in hospital, as Loki watches over her. She is startled when Raishin expresses his concern whether she should be resting more.

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Seeing how sad she is, he assures her that Shoko is the best puppet maker, and thus hopes that the dog will recover. Upon hearing from him that Charlotte loves dogs, she comments that the latter is similar as they both treat their Automatons as family; Yomi was like a second mother to her too.

machine doll wa kizutsukanai ending a relationship

Breaking into tears, Frey blames herself for her parents' death and for being weak, apologizing to Rabbi, her deceased mother, and everyone she loves.

Recalling what Bronson did to Frey, Loki, and other Promised Children, Raishin becomes furious at the injustice, and unexpectedly grabs the girl's shoulders, telling her she has done nothing wrong. Stunned, she watches Raishin leave the room. Saddened, Frey replies that should her dog die, she will be all alone, but Charlotte refutes her and comments that Raishin has left for the Orphanage.

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Without warning, Kimberley appears, dressed in her Cruzada cloak, and is already aware of Raishin's and Yaya's departure. Explaining to the girls that she has a supervisory responsibility, she invites them to follow along; Charlotte rejects it, while Frey accepts the offer. Later on, she tries to comprehend how Lucifer manages to deflect and hit Yaya with its condensed exhaust, likening it to a bullet being hit by another bullet in mid-air with calculated precision.

Seeing how quickly Lucifer wounds Loki, Frey gasps, covering her mouth. While Loki confronts Bronson for betraying Frey, she recalls Charlotte telling her that she is not alone, as Loki has always be there for her ever since their parents were killed.

Bursting into tears, she realizes that Loki never despised her. In the case of ecchi anime, that often is having a really good story line to go along with the inevitable breast and panty shots.

During this time period, there was a tremendous discovery. By fusing scientific and magical knowledge, humans were able to create a device that can bring inanimate objects to life, an even give them their own personalities.

The militarily use for this technology came in the form of puppets.


They would bring puppets to life, and train people to use these puppets for military purposes. The story revolves around Raishin Akabane, a member of the Akabane clan—a clan that specializes in the use of puppets.

One day, a mysterious assailant attacked his clan, and nearly all of them were killed. The most interesting thing in the story is its setting. As most of you probably have noticed, most anime take place in Japan, with the second most popular setting probably being space. So to have an entire series take place in 20th century England is a nice change of pace.

Just looking at the plot synopsis got me interested in watching this series. They will have entire conversations about these things without giving you any clues or context to what they are talking about—until the conversation is already over. But, by that point, I was already annoyed. The show also tries to break away from some of the stereotypical ecchi attempts at humor, i.

The problem is that it uses the same types of jokes and gags over, and over, and over again. How does he do this? Apparently, he had it all planned out all along. The problem is that there is not second season, and there will probably never be one at this point.