Nepal relationship with usa

History of the U.S. and Nepal | U.S. Embassy in Nepal

nepal relationship with usa

Early History of U.S. / Nepal Relations. The first U.S. official visit to Nepal took place November , George R. Merrell, then Charge d'Affaires at New. Madhavji Shrestha Very notably, Nepal views its bilateral relations with the United States with great significance for their political. The United States established official relations with Nepal in and opened its Kathmandu Embassy in Relations between the two.

nepal relationship with usa

As of now, he appears much inclined to address the concerns of his voter base and seems much stuck to the nationalism and nationalistic feelings with deep attachment to the interests of the United States. He, however, has not yet shown concern for the people of other countries, let alone respect for the democratic principles and human rights of the global people.

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He is also less inclined to the security and welfare of other people. So far, President Trump has yet to show the choice and option for the policies and programmes towards the least developed countries, like Nepal. It is still guess work whether he would, during his presidential tenure, adopt a definite course of formulating and executing policies as had been adopted by the former presidents.

Sticking to or a shift from the previous policy of the US government with regard to the domestic situation in countries like Nepal and their relations with the United States is still a question of wait and watch.

Probably, we will not have to wait for long. Nepal is placed in a strategic and sensitive geographic position between its two big neighbours.

The United States may frame its own strategic policies and programmes regarding its relations with Nepal, with which a well-thought-out course of action is imminent in view of the developing situation in the South Asian region vis-a-vis its relationship with North Asia. Outsourcing of foreign policy concerns to another state, as alleged in the past, would not serve the desired purpose.

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Outsourcing means the mixing of its own interest with the interest of others, which may likely produce a situation of conflict and conflation with mutually contradictory and messy outcomes, not desired by either the outsourcer or the agent state receiving the outsource.

It would be prudent to frame a policy and follow its programmes with decent practices of diplomacy adopted with its own interest and purpose served as desired. As a consequence, the two countries would and could come together to remove any mist of misunderstanding, if there exists any.

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Nothing will stand in the way forward towards making a great stride in mutually beneficial relations in the years and decades ahead. Nepal is still passing through a turbulent political situation notwithstanding the promulgation of the constitution in September Although the constitution has been framed on the model of a federal democratic republican structure, some sections of the Terai-based people have not yet accepted the constitution with the continued demands for re-delineation of the territorial arrangement and more constitutional rights.

The proposed constitution amendment bill pending in the Legislature-Parliament, which is specifically meant to address their demands, is not likely to get through the constitutional process of being approved by a two-thirds majority.

Such stalemate has put the democratic process under threatening challenges not only of political dimension but also of national integration. It is understandable that the US government has welcomed the promulgation of the constitution to the great pleasure of its framers and supporters, unlike some other nations and regional organisations that have expressed their discontent, along with the big southern neighbor, through joint press statements.

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A persuasive and convincing approach would finally pay to have a bit of cognizance of their feel and pulse. Dare the responsible Nepali diplomat to take an effective initiative to have a visible outcome.

nepal relationship with usa

The quicker the initiative taken the better will be the result. Without his contributions, Nepalese would have been poorer in their knowledge about the history of Nepal, particularly the era of nation building of King Prithvi Narayan Shah and the court massacre.

Stiller was not the only one of his kind. Other America born Jesuits, who came to Nepal to teach at schools, devoted their life for the betterment of Nepal. Another prominent scholar late Leo E.

nepal relationship with usa

Rose revealed so many things about Nepal. His book Strategy for Survival is regarded as a masterpiece on Nepal. Coming as a visitor, Judith Chase and her husband have been living in Nepal for quite a long time teaching Nepalese how to grow organic products. Even world renowned American scholars like scholars from America like Samuel P.

Huntington, Henry Kissinger, Francis G. It indicates that Nepal is in the minds of American scholars. Other scholars from United States, who have been contributing in political, anthropology and other contemporary issues, have made great contributions to bring Nepal into international arena. Professor of Harvard University Francis G.

Hutchins, former teacher of late King Birendra, book Democratizing Monarch These are among few renowned persons.

Many Peace Corps volunteers come and go, but some other Peace Corps volunteers have even stayed in Nepal as permanent residents. According to Peace Corps, over 3, American volunteers who lived, worked and served in communities throughout Nepal since Fifty-four Peace Corps Volunteers currently serve in Nepal, supporting food security in rural communities in eight districts of the Western and Mid-Western Development Regions.

Nepal US Relations With six constitutions, four different forms of government and two different systems in seventy years, Nepal has seen a rapid transformation in all the sectors in that period.

nepal relationship with usa

For all these years, Nepal-USA relations have remained stable and strong. Not only at the government to government level, have the relations taken a deep root at the people to people level as well.

Nepal - US Relations

It does not matter how far America is geographically from Nepal. What is important is the relationship between the two nations.

nepal relationship with usa

America is the second largest importer of Nepalese products after India. Furthermore, the United States is the only country with which Nepal has a huge trade surplus. Other interesting factor is that American tourists make up for the third largest number of tourists to visit Nepal after India and China. Bilateral relations are friendly, and U. Nepal is one of the largest contributors of troops to international peacekeeping missions.

Assistance to Nepal When US started its development assistance to Nepal inTerai was plagued by malaria, there were primary students, many people had to walk several days to reach near road, and life expectancy was 28 years.