Pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

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pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

Nov 21, After thinking about it for a bit, I can see why this simple sentence in English might you formal both masculine and feminine (hence “lo” and “la”), informal you. How do you say this in Spanish (Mexico)? Nice to meet you (formal Informal: Mucho gusto. Gusto en conocerte/lo. Es un gusto conocerte/lo. Speak formally to people you meet for the first time, people older than you, or as a This is the informal variation, which is only used with people you know well, family Very pleased to meet you, Muito prazer, M[ng]wee[ng]tu Prazair – lit.

pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

Good evening — Good evening, Mr. Your house is lovely.

Say "Nice to meet you" in Bulgarian

Greetings — Greetings to you, too. It is so nice to finally meet you. How are you doing? Not too much here. I heard ya applying for that new job.

Well, hi— Well, hi, Nancy. Good to see you. Well, hello — Well, hello. Fancy meeting you here. Why, hello there — Why, hello there. Long time, no see. Hi — long time, no see — Hi, there. Anderson, I appreciate your time in helping me review the project. Thank you so much — Thank you so much, Miss White. I know you worked hard on the project. Thank you very much — Ms. Wood, thank you very much.

I know the clients will appreciate your dedication. I will try to follow your advice. I understand it much better now.

pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

It was extremely generous of you. Appreciate it — You stayed so late to help out. All the best, Harry.

pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

I am glad the IT presentation was helpful. Is there something I can assist you with further? Please let me know should you need anything for your trip.

pleased to meet you in spanish formal and informal

The pleasure is all mine. Sure thing — Sure thing. It was easier than I thought. No sweat — No sweat. No problem — No problem. Glad it worked for you. Call me if you need anything else. Responding to a simple greeting Formal Fine, thank you, and you?

Thanks for asking… fine, and you? Hi — how are you? Remember, the more these words and phrases are usedthe better chance that they become part of your working vocabulary. You will have gained in confidence along with widening your English speaking vocabulary and improved your ESL skills. Shoot me an email send me an email and let me know how your English is coming along.

Feel free to share a story or two with me. Later… Good bye for now, talk to you soon. Take care good bye. Alysia is a co-founder of TalktoCanada. Things are good, I just moved into a new apartment.

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You would use these greetings later in the day and with someone you see regularly. For example, you might ask a co-worker one of these questions in the afternoon, or a cashier that you see at the grocery store every evening. I usually go to the same guy to buy bananas in downtown Medellin.

This is how our greetings would be translated. You got that right! Give me 10 bananas. This is how that type of conversation goes. How have you been?

Basic Greetings

How much is a long time? It depends on how often you normally see that person. Long time no see! You may find that people will begin to use casual greetings with you over time, as you get to know each other better. Formal greetings are also used when you meet older people. If you say this to someone when you meet him or her for the first time, it will make you seem courteous.