Rebuilding trust in business relationship

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rebuilding trust in business relationship

How Business Leaders Can Rebuild Trust and Renew the Social collaborative relationship, welcoming them into the corporate family. Business relationships are just as focused and dependent upon trust as any other relationship. Sometimes, deals fall through, deadlines aren't. Our teams, projects, and results get stuck when there is lack of trust in a work relationship. And research shows two thirds of Americans believe.

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Tactics include outright denials, "no comment", countersuits and even superinjunctions. But a self-serving legalistic response can heighten staff cynicism and risk further opprobrium, undermining rather than recovering stakeholder trust. The "relationship" approach takes an alternative premise, which is that the best way to protect the organisation's reputation in the short and long term is by investing in its relationships with key stakeholders.

This approach foregoes some of the obvious defensive legal reactions in favour of transparency, candour, and taking responsibility — even if this means submitting to apologies and regret, and making costly reparations. Although natural instinct may be defensive self-preservation, and to concede responsibility seems to justify stakeholders' lost trust in the short term, several case studies suggest, paradoxically, that sincere acceptance of culpability and remorse will be interpreted favourably, as a powerful display of benevolence and integrity.

If it stops hostile momentum gathering behind the story, it can even be a shrewd PR move. The response last year of the chief executive of Castlebeck Care Homes to Panorama's expose of abuse at its Winterbourne House facility was impressive: That said, a second paradox is that the "relationship" approach can be painful for staff: This certainly happened at the BBC after its faked phone-in and " Sachsgate " crises inand more recently at News International following the arrest of Sun journalists in relation to alleged illegal payments to police and other public servants.

The third paradox is the prospect of an "over-reaction".

rebuilding trust in business relationship

After a major trust failure, a common response is to implement strict new controls. For many social workers the revised child protection procedures following the murder of "Baby P" are so onerous that they may make detection of vulnerable children harder, and hit recruitment into the profession. Goldman Sachs' reforms following the 'Abacus' fraud case in were criticised for seemingly introducing layers of inflexible bureaucracy. Systemic procedural reforms are vital for organisational trust repair, and trust can co-exist with controls.

How to rebuild trust in business

It is a matter of degree: The reforms need to balance the need for a competent level of controls with considerations of operational effectiveness, and the implications for employees' trust and trustworthiness. This content is brought to you by Guardian Professional.

rebuilding trust in business relationship

People hate being left in the dark, but they love being in the know. Over Communication is okay. If you're always honest, people know where they stand with you. They can plan accordingly. Normally, equity is a nebulous number. But you can help your employees understand what it means and why they have it.

Ownership is a powerful incentive -- that's why you allocate it to your team in the first place Commitments. Your team makes commitments to you all the time. And you should always meet your commitments. The opposite of Machiavelli. Don't play that game. Do what you say. No smile and waving. People respect leaders who give them the honest truth. Don't be a pawn for some venture capitalist who isn't independent and has no clue what it's like to run a business.

The same treatment applies to the venture capitalist who ran a business back in the day but has forgotten how.

How to Build Trust in a Business Relationship

Everyone sees through it. These steps aren't difficult. You need to follow them consistently if you're going to create trust. But sometimes, trust isn't achievable. The Untrustables Trust can be lost or won. But some people don't deserve it at all. In the words of Kipling, it is about being able to ' talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch'. As leaders we often live in a bubble were we work and play with a group of very similar people, to the detriment of decision-making and reputation.

As with human reproduction, if the genes are too similar the risk of sick children increases; and this, in the public's perception, is a problem with Davos - even though reality, as with many things in life, is more complex. This capacity to look outwards also relates to thinking about the future.

This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed.

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Secondly, we have to think differently about how to structure and operate organisations. Public companies and their associated models of managementhierarchies, risk management and HR policies appear in general to be failing to create organisations that can innovate, utilise employees' potential, and develop the right products and services.