Relationship retreats in maryland

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relationship retreats in maryland

A marriage retreat is an intense counseling session that takes place over 1 to 4 days, designed to give you a quick boost to learn skills and tools for a better. Couples workshops and marriage retreats. Weekends and private available. Help your marriage or your relationship through the workshops brought to you by . We focus on your specific particular relationship challenges. ​ for Angela Voegele (Couples Therapy Inc., Maryland /DC Retreats also in Florida & Hawaii) .

Here's how we do it: We think it's more respectful to get a lot of information from you before you come. Then, our skilled couples therapists can score and interpret your every word to know what to ask when they see you. If you're asking yourself: We work with hostile couples, ones that keep separate bedrooms, have moved out, or have stopped talking to one another. Marriages with little babies or grown children. Even newlyweds, engaged couples or those with no intention of ever getting married.

Sometimes our clients are approaching retirement, but can't take it anymore If nothing changes, they aren't prepared to stay unhappy like this 'until death do us part.

The severity of your problems don't predict divorce.

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No matter how bad it is, you can be happily marriage again, according to the research. The marital endurance ethic plays a big role. These are couples who stubbornly outlast their problems. The 'Bully' and His Bride: The End of Turmoil One wife agreed to come to the Marital Retreat only after I promised not to 'push her into staying' in her marriage.

They had been to over 4 counselors in the past 18 years, and none of them had helped. Family and friends told them they just weren't "suited for each other. They were in Divorce Mediation when they arrived. I told her "You should really know how to stand up to him, or you probably shouldn't be in mediation. Like many powerful and successful men he had no idea why she left, except that they couldn't stop fighting. He had his complains about her, but his biggest goal was to just fix it.

He wanted his wife to come home and he wanted to stop the endless battles. In their State of the Union Assessment they told me their early love story. It was full of trials and tribulation, like most of our couples.

But it also was full of passion!

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These two were survivors, personally, and as a couple. Horrors of ex's, financial setbacks, kids' problems, you name it This couple was still in love!

But no one had taught them how to act differently or why: Let's work on how to change things around You are the boss at your job, but you have to change your approach at home. He honestly didn't realize it! As I said, he loved his wife and he wanted to keep his family intact. When you flood, you stop thinking clearly and lose not only your clarity, but your nerve. He scared her, and that dynamic had to stop.

She was no longer going to just acquiesce to what he said, but she also wasn't sure how to stand up to him in a calm, even way.

relationship retreats in maryland

It's Not "Just Our Opinion" Our work is a detailed, science-based approach to what you're doing wrong and how to change it. Step-by-step assessment leads to rational, logical, science-based interventions.

You'll spend the equivalent of 2 months over the weekend practicing these new skills! We videotape you discussing a disagreement. We know fights don't cause divorce.

Or fear of having disagreements. We analyze your video, to provide you concrete examples of what's not working, and how to change it.

Anger and sadness are both emotions. And emotions have everything to do with effective couples therapy. Evidence-based Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy complements Gottman's science-based assessment approach. It's more than a year later, and The Bully and the Bride who were "doomed to divorce" are happy together again. She moved back in, and is delighted to be there.

Their family and friends don't talk badly about their spouse anymore, because they don't allow it! And they still do have fights.

relationship retreats in maryland

A fair number of them. Both know how to fight without escalating it. They work collaboratively because they know what they are doing and why when they disagree. And now it doesn't get out of control. Or you can condense that time into a single intensive marriage retreat week-end. It will take you hours to complete. We will give you the "the good, the bad, and the ugly" news about your relationship. It's expensive because it works.

We Compete with Divorce Attorneys. Their job is to help you end it. Ours is to help you mend it. Most marriages can go in either direction when they are in trouble.

Couples Retreats in Maryland - Couples Therapy Inc

Are you ready to mend it with the help of an expert? The ones that do, go an average of only 4 sessions. Even worse, it's most likely that they saw an "All Purpose Therapist" for a 50 minute session That's not evidence-based treatment We're a group of the best trained couples therapists across the USA. Our passion is helping couples. We totally immerse ourselves in understanding you and your marriage.

We feel it is more respectful to thoroughly understand you both, before we intervene. And our powerful credentials let you know we really get it. Our couples therapists have written for professional journals, books, or articles for the general public. Three of us have run graduate programs We're Top in Our Profession. You Are Working with an Experienced Clinician. We have many years of experience in helping troubled relationships. Effective science-based approaches using Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy in addition to a science-based approach to your assessment.

She enjoys the rare distinction of being one of a handful of professionals worldwide who is both a Gottman Certified Couples Therapist and a Board-Certified Sex Therapist.

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In addition to English, she is fluent in German and conversational in French. Her couples rave about her results. Her approach was thoughtful, logical and easy to follow. She listened to our concerns and organized the weekend in a meaningful way to cover many of our needs.

relationship retreats in maryland

We had been dealing with infidelity and although we were discussing things on our own and making progress, we definitely needed therapy to help sort through things. I was looking for tools to help me cope and heal from the hurt and move forward in a positive manner. I wanted to learn to trust again. I wanted to learn how to focus and sort through my emotions and decide what I wanted from my relationship and my life.

What changes resulted in your relationship from your work with Couples Therapy Inc.? We have learned to focus on each other more and communicate better. We are more honest with each other and with ourselves about what we want and what we need. We are much stronger and closer than we ever have been.

What specific qualities did you like most and least about working with this therapist? Would you recommend your couples therapist and Couples Therapy Inc? I would absolutely highly recommend Angela I already have to a few friends What three benefits resulted from working with Couples therapy Inc?

We are closer, more appreciative of one another, we communicate better, we are more honest with one another, we are more in love now than ever!! We are getting married!! Angela was just wonderful. She was above and beyond what we expected our therapist would be. She has great energy! She related to us very well.

She was knowledgeable and familiar with us and our issues and knew what to approach and how to approach sensitive subjects.

She handled emotional conversations very well and was able to diffuse potentially harmful conversations and re-direct them to the positive. I would definitely recommend Angela to others looking for couples counseling. If you aren't getting along with the person who once meant the world to you, there is important new information you should know. You'll exit the 'divorce super-highway. Or vacations and romantic evenings that end in disaster.

Don't make the same mistake I did, and let a perfectly good marriage go down the drain. She designed this Couples Retreat after 20 years of study. Do you harbor misguided notions about love and marriage? I know I did when my own marriage had problems As a clinical psychologist I worked with couples, but these very misguided notions not only limited my impact as a couples therapist, they destroyed my own marriage.

If you think psychologists have just as many problems as the average person I've had my share. I divorced a perfectly nice guy and the father of my child. Oh, I had my reasons.

And most of them were a bunch of "pie in the sky" ideas I got from theories I learned while in graduate school. They were wrong-headed notions about why marriages fail and how to fix them. Back then, I did what most people do, "I used my health insurance," and went to a counselor. But instead of getting help, those weekly minute sessions left me angrier, more hopeless, and totally, totally misunderstood. And we left each session more upset than when we arrived!

Like most women facing divorce, it only took a few sessions before I became totally disillusioned. I thought we were 'broken. It cost me big time, not only economically, but emotionally, too, and everything got a lot more complicated. A daughter running between families. Two different sets of rules. Divorce is one of the most stressful events in an adult's life, according to research. Even worse on children, despite the media hype. It costs your kids, as well as your future security.

Preventing it is well worth the effort These same problems reappeared! I thought to myself: I was the same person I could divorce my ex- but not "myself. Leaving a marriage, when you don't know what you're doing wrong Unless you figure out what you're doing wrong in your marriage and fix it, you're doomed to repeat it.

InI attended my first training presented by Dr. What he taught me was fascinating. We now know scientifically why marriages succeed or fail! Her approach was thoughtful, logical and easy to follow. She listened to our concerns and organized the weekend in a meaningful way to cover many of our needs. The feedback she provided was constructive and professional. I really feel a great sense of relief after our Couples Retreat weekend with Angela.