Relationship strategies by tony alessandra

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relationship strategies by tony alessandra

Relationship Strategies Dr. Tony Alessandra. The world has entered our neighborhoods, our places of business, our places of worship and our schools. Tony Alessandra - Relationship Strategies, New Edition - Music. Here is the MP3 - DISC Relationship Strategies ! As promised, you are able to download the MP3 - DISC Relationship Strategies Audio Program at the.

How would it feel to be in command of such influence? Can you imagine just how much this would enhance your leadership influence and other areas of your life? As an applied behavioral scientist and human relationships expert, Dr.

relationship strategies by tony alessandra

Tony Alessandra has spent his career studying the different ways people interact with each other. His research in his Charisma book revealed several specific qualities charismatic people demonstrate.

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The people we think have a lot of charisma have just developed their qualities to a higher level than most. In this program, Dr.

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Alessandra uses his research to create a simple, yet powerful, system to help you strengthen your charisma and become a more effective leader. Turn your customers into business apostles who "preach the gospel" according to your company. Alessandra discusses the importance of a customer-driven focus including key insights for creating customer intimacy, customer retention, and customer satisfaction.

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In this dynamic program, he reveals strategies for turning moments of misery into moments of magic for your customers and shows how everyone in your organization can increase customer loyalty by: Building value for the customer Differentiating your company, products, and sales reps from the competition Cross-selling a range of products and services to both increase profitability and customer retention Increasing your internal customer responsiveness and external customer satisfaction Creating an emotional attachment with your customers Sales Collaborative Selling How to Gain the Competitive Advantage in Selling.

Selling today has evolved from a transactional, one-shot sale mentality to building lifetime customer relationships; from persuading and telling to problem solving and helping; from low-price selling to value-added selling. In this interactive session, Tony shows your sales and service reps how to become a solution consultant by focusing more on studying customer needs and assuring customer satisfaction than on pitching product features. Some of the guiding philosophies of this program include: Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice People don't buy because they're made to understand, they buy because they feel understood Professionals are defined not by the business they're in, but by the way they're in business When two people want to do business together, they won't let the details stand in the way The sale begins when the customer says The regional visitors to our program were also very impressed by your talk, and they knew already that your message really resonated with so many of our team.

Tony skillfully taught our reps how to identify customer types and also drove home the importance of taking care of our customers and how it benefits sales reps and our company. I always used what you taught me even after I sold that company and did construction and development work for ten years.

relationship strategies by tony alessandra

When the economy took a turn for the worse in andI decided to start selling telecommunication equipment and the first thing I did was bring you back in to my life and introduce you to my sales team. TAG National has made some remarkable changes in this industry and your methods have had a major impact on our members.

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I just wanted to thank you for being a part of my life and let you know when I am asked what or who has had the most significant impact on my life and success, I always say you. I received many great comments on his presentation. What we particularly liked about Tony, was the value of his content for our audience.

Most were able to take away information that they can put to practice immediately in their sales conversations. He was both informative and entertaining in his presentation. We would highly recommend Tony to any organization looking for a speaker that would be well received, entertaining, and interesting for their sales team. Overall the feedback from participants has been extremely positive.

The messages and delivery were powerful and made a very strong impact on our team. Great presentation and message! He achieved total audience participation, everyone learned while having fun.