Rose and luisa first meet

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rose and luisa first meet

We find out how Rose and Luisa's affair first began. Luisa meets with Michael to talk about Rose. He asks Luisa to tell him everything, from. In , Rose and Luisa meet at a bar and instantly connect. this happens in between their first meeting in and Season 1, is unclear). Rose was married to Luisa's father, but she and Luisa continued having an threatened to tell her father about the affair unless Rose came clean first. In flashbacks, we see how Luisa and Rose met, at a lesbian bar, with.

It might sound confusing, but it definitely struck a chord with Luisa. They are interrupted by a phone call. Rafael, Jane, and Michael are there.

Luisa shows Rafael the letter and tells him to read the last line about their father. Luisa explains that she and Rose made love for the first time in a pool.

He tells her that he needs to be prepared because he knows that Petra is going try and take over the hotel. Luisa meets with Michael to talk about Rose. He asks Luisa to tell him everything, from the beginning. And then there were fireworks.

There were fireworks because it was the fourth of July. Then, they made love.

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They made love, again. Typical first lesbian date of multiple love making sessions. The next day Luisa was having dinner with Rafael and Emilio, which is the same flashback from the beginning of the episode. Rose explains to Luisa that she needed to be with a woman one last time.

Luisa claims that she has a girlfriend anyway, named Allison. The same Allison whom she marries and later divorces in the beginning of the season. Back in her suite, Luisa turns to the mini bar to ease her pain.

Rafael had the bar emptied ahead of time. She gets phone call from Rose where she asks how Luisa is doing. Luisa is enraged since Rose is the one that put her in a mental institution and killed her father. According to Rose, this plan has been in the works for years, before they met. Rose says that what they had, the past five years, was real. But, we can see that her hair is short and blonde now. Will she come back as someone else?

The next day is the funeral. Rafael finds Luisa and tells her how sorry he is for not believing her.

rose and luisa first meet

Now that Emilio is gone, they each own a third of the hotel and Petra owns the other third. Rafael asks Luisa to sign over her share to him so that he has more power of Petra. When Rose reveals having disguised herself as Susanna BarnettLuisa is shocked to say the least and Rose kidnaps her.

Spending two months on a submarine, Rose implores Luisa that they can finally be together, but Luisa is overwhelmed by the situation and Rose's lies. Season 1 After accidentally inseminating JaneLuisa panics and calls Rose, asking her for advice.

Luisa tells Rose that she inseminated Jane with Rafael's sperm and Rose asks if Luisa was drinking, which Luisa profusely denies. Rose advises Luisa not to say anything as Luisa's already on probation [4]. Rose stops by Luisa's office, wondering why Luisa's still working. Rose asks Luisa if she's drinking again and Luisa says no and retaliates, saying that Rose was a good lawyer before she gave up her career to become a trophy wife. Rose almost leaves but Luisa stops her and apologizes.

She asks Rose to explain some legal paperwork. Later, Rose brings coffee for Luisa at her office who's staring at a bottle of alcohol. Rose is worried, but Luisa says that every time she doesn't drink she feels better about herself. Rose jokingly calls Luisa crazy, who responds with "don't call me crazy. Luisa, Emilio, and Rose are sitting together at The Marbella. Luisa caresses Rose's leg under the table as Emilio leaves. Luisa tells Rose to leave him and run away with her.

Rose tells Luisa that what happened before was a mistake and that it won't happen again, but Luisa is unconvinced.

Luisa Alver/Rose Solano

Later on, the two are in Rose and Emilio's hotel room having sex on the floor. Rose reassures Luisa that while she has feelings for her, she won't leave Emilio and that what Rose and Luisa have is a temporary thing. Luisa replies, saying that they'll just have to enjoy it while they can. She also brings up a previous sexual encounter before the show in Fort Lauderdale and how they ate powdered donuts from the vending machine.

Rose laughs and tells Luisa to go get some. Luisa buys from donuts from the vending machine in the hallway when she sees Emilio going to his room.

Luisa hides and pulls the fire alarm so Emilio won't catch Rose cheating on him [5].

rose and luisa first meet

Rose drops off an upgrade plan for the recovery spa at Rafael's office. She asks him if he knows where Luisa is, as Rose recommended her a lawyer but Luisa didn't show up.

Rafael thinks she's on a bender because he saw the security tapes which show Luisa pulling the fire alarm "for no apparent reason". Rose insists that maybe Luisa's in trouble, but Rafael doesn't believe her. Rafael thanks Rose for caring about Luisa, saying that it's "way more than my other stepmothers did. She asks her to come home and informs her that there will be a pre-trial in two weeks and if she doesn't show up, Jane will get a default judgement [7].

Luisa shows up at court revealing that she was drinking and partying in Peru and on an Ayahuasca retreat being guided by a shaman.

At the Marabella, Luisa and Rose have a talk. Rose confesses that she was worried about Luisa. Luisa said that she saw Rose's face while she was in a sweat lodge drinking her tea and then expresses her desires to still be with Rose, tell everyone the truth, and then run away together. Rose ends things officially.

Luisa still wants to come clean and threatens to tell Emilio about their affair if Rose doesn't.

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Rose lies and convinces Rafael and Emilio that Luisa is mentally unstable, knowing they'd take her word over Luisa's. Rose, Emilio, and Rafael along with a therapist and two bodyguards, surprise Luisa later in a hotel room.

Rose says that Luisa's been having sexual fantasies about the two of them, which causes Luisa to get angry, almost attacking Rose.

Rose & Luisa 1

The bodyguards carry Luisa away and she's admitted into a psychiatric ward [8]. Rose overhears Emilio on the phone, transferring five million dollars to Allegria.

rose and luisa first meet

She becomes suspicious and worried, so she visits Luisa at the psychiatric ward to gain more information. Luisa, who had been enjoying her stay at the mental hospital and had made a friend out of her roommate Betty, is understandably upset when Rose visits her. Rose tells Luisa that she feels terrible about what she did to her. Luisa angrily tells Rose to leave. Because of the storm, the roads closed and Rose couldn't leave the hospital.

rose and luisa first meet