Shadow hunters episode 1 ending a relationship

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shadow hunters episode 1 ending a relationship

Find out when the final episodes of 'Shadowhunters' will air on Season 3B will also bring Clary's brother Jonathan — the real one, not the. Can Shadowhunters come back from its disappointing first episode? possible – including all aspects of their personalities and relationships to one another. She picks Jace, obviously, because there wouldn't be much of a story otherwise. See how the cast and crew of Freeform's 'Shadowhunters' are reacting to Freeform's decision to end the series prematurely with a two-hour finale event Harry Shum, Jr. (aka one half of super couple “Malec”) also . The friendships, the openly gay relationships, the suspense, the characters as a whole.

But, while Alec was distracted by events at the Institute, Magnus spent time thinking about their relationship. He looked back at his earliest memories of meeting Alec. The first time Malec really connected was when Alec offered the Warlock his strength to heal Luke.

Remember in season 1 episode 6 they shared cocktails and there was an instant spark between them?

shadow hunters episode 1 ending a relationship

Or the next episode when Alec admitted to Izzy that he spent the night, but that nothing intimate happened? Of course you do, how could you not. When they took the next important step in their relationship it was a really big deal.

We knew from to season 2 episode 7 that Alec had never even been with anyone in that way before and Magnus was still vulnerable from past heartbreaks, but we loved getting to see more of this moment between them.

Magnus was worried that Alec wouldn't accept him.

Shadowhunters Season 1 Finale Review: A Too-Strict Adaptation

Many Shadowhunters including Alec's parents don't see Downworlders as their equals. But Alec never felt that way about Magnus.

shadow hunters episode 1 ending a relationship

Even while they were taking some time apart, Magnus still came to Alec's aid in a time of crisis. He knew how much Max meant to his boyfriend, and Magnus would never let an argument get in the way of saving someone's life. He tried to comfort Alec when they realized the Silent Brothers would have to perform a risky procedure on Max. And for a moment we thought everything would work out. Magnus remembered being intimate with Alec after that special night.

They had shared some of their deepest fears with each other. This was an emotional step that was just as important as the physical one. And they spent many more nights together after that one. We all remember Magnus talking about Alec's adorable little snores.

shadow hunters episode 1 ending a relationship

After Max got the all-clear, Alec finally tried to talk to Magnus about their relationship. The result, unfortunately, is that Jace comes off more as a spoiled brat isolating himself from his friends and family.

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So, when he goes off on a mission to kill his father - and settling for cutting off the hand of his father-like teacher figure - it all predictably goes wrong and he winds up at his father's side in an attempt to save the people from which he isolated himself. The predictability of the ending largely sucks out whatever emotional depth the show and Sherwood attempted to imbue in Jace and his character development in 'Morning Star'.

When Simon betrays Raphael to help Camille, he and Clary sever their tentative alliance with the vampires - though the consequences of this are left to future episodes as Clary and Simon use Camille to find the book. Similar to Sherwood with Jace, McNamara is given little help in making this storyline dynamic with lines of dialogue like, "It's not just me that needs my mom, it's all of us.

Additionally, it positioned Simon as an important go-between for Clary's Shadowhunters, Raphael's vampires, and Luke's werewolf pack - a necessary piece in bringing these supernatural beings together while Simon also acted as the audience's entry point to the mythology. Although the series premiere was tasked with establishing the basics of the Nephilim and the Downworlders seelies, werewolves, vampires, and warlocksthe show has attempted to delve more into both the political society of the Shadowhunters as well as they complicated relations amongst the Downworlders throughout the season.

However, the series largely fails to paint any kind of comprehensive picture of the Shadowhunter society outside the broad strokes of a rigid and backward world that doesn't believe in romance between Shadowhunters and Downworlders - as evidenced in 'Morning Star' by the conversation with Alec and his parents about his relationship with Magnus.

The vampires, in contrast, hold Raphael up as their leader despite the fact that he usurped Camille and held her captive, which sounds like a society much more rife with compelling drama. All in all, Shadowhunters' first season had some brief high points and some very low points, while the majority of the latter can be additionally categorized as most of the character or plot development adapted from Clare's novels.

Where Shadowhunters strayed from the main narrative of the first novel of The Mortal Instruments, such as developing the vampires, the show managed to mine the large supernatural world for more compelling and better developed drama.

That becomes especially apparent in 'Morning Star', which forces the development of Jace's dark side while Clary spends much of the episode chasing down a book and proclaiming how much she needs her mother. Certainly, Shadowhunters has likely won over many fans of The Mortal Instruments series by staying true to the novels on which it's based.