To save a relationship from

to save a relationship from

Saving a suffering relationship can be difficult, especially when your relationship has been in trouble for a long time. Here are seven ways to save a cold. Relationships aren't difficult. They're really not. People are difficult. People make things overly complicated. They screw up and make mistakes. We talked to a dating professional about how to save a relationship, whether you' re struggling with distance, infidelity, or working on.

If you feel like making them a special dinner, do it. It creates a feeling of spontaneity and generosity that lasts all year long. Switch up your routine. If you always lay in bed on Sunday morning, go jogging instead. If you always go to happy hour on Thursdays, stay in and make cocktails instead. Take turns planning surprise dates.

Switching up your routine keeps you on your toes as a couple and helps prevent the worst enemy of romance: This is so random, but I remember reading a Reba McEntire interview in a dentist office magazine many years ago and it kind of changed my life. This advice is so simple, and so true. Relationships often take on a negative tinge as people get comfortable with each other.

to save a relationship from

Playful teasing can turn cruel. A lack of intimacy in a relationship, whether physical or emotional, is not only frustrating but also unhealthy.

This requires you to let down your walls and let your partner in, in ways you may be afraid to.

to save a relationship from

This is a gradual process which often starts by reestablishing trust. The more you build on it, the stronger the relationship will be. Take a Break If your relationship has gone cold, it may be time to take a break.

6 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

This will give you both a chance to miss each other. Often times, relationships become unbalanced.

6 Questions that Will Save Your Relationships (by Marc and Angel)

If you feel more strongly about your relationship than your partner does, you can become adhesive, a form of clinginess. The best relationships are ones that are cohesive, with both partners working together.

to save a relationship from

Spend some time away from each other to focus on your individual interests and then decide what is best for you.

Sometimes you need to go back to go forward. If your relationship has gone cold, do things that remind you of happier times. We are taught to be independent, and this is an incredible discipline; we are self-made and self-sustainable. But taken to the extreme, this attitude is guaranteed to interfere in our relationships. No one can be exchanged for anyone else. Your partner is not a pair of pants you picked up at Macy's.

Your partner was placed in your life for a greater reason in divine timing. He or she is a human being brimming with flaws and awful failings Beware of abandoning someone just because they require a bit of inner repair work. This is not to say that you should ever settle for an unhealthy situation, but a successful relationship entails honest work and the payoff can be extraordinarily rewarding in terms of not just finding, but keeping, long-term love.

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If you believe you can sift through people until you find the perfect package, you will remain highly disappointed throughout your relationships. You may find someone different, perhaps a bit better, but who will still need "fixing. And each person we encounter will test our capacity for sacrifice, compromise, patience, and tolerance. A real relationship that endures through time is one in which you have poured forth more love and understanding than you ever thought possible of you.

It's admirable to believe in the unique power of your relationship, and even wiser to realize that no, you won't magically stumble upon a fairytale romance. If you currently find yourself in a relationship that's weak, broken, or on the brink of collapse, but that you believe deserves your effort, don't give up. Consider these seven ways to save your struggling relationship: Re-evaluate the reasons you're together.

Go back to the beginning. What drew me to this person to begin with? What qualities did they possess that I found valuable? What made them so amazing?

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And are they still? Reevaluating the reasons you came together reminds you of the reasons to stay together, and this strengthens your already-existing foundation.

Ask your partner what they love and don't love about you; be open to constructive criticism and self-improvement. There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate. The right way is asking your partner a relevant question, listening to their response, then offering your opinion. The wrong way is overwhelming your partner with your irritations and worries as soon as they walk in from a particularly long workday. Practice effective speech by engaging your loved one in a conversation of their interest.